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A few days after getting back to Japan, we had our annual Shinmachi Hanabi, and invited any interested friends over to watch them from our roof. This year, fellow ALT Amy’s young cousin was visiting her from the UK, so I invited them over early to get her dressed in yukata. After that we went down to the festival area to watch the lanterns in the water and the dancing before heading back to watch the fireworks and to do a few sparklers of our own!

 photo KJM_1234.jpg  photo KJM_1239.jpg
Walking to the river, along with Dragon and the boys

 photo KJM_1240.jpg
At the river

 photo KJM_1254.jpg
Picture time with the girls and boys

 photo KJM_1255.jpg
Dragon and Waku

 photo KJM_1267.jpg
Lanterns in the water

 photo DSC_9554.jpg
Festival food stalls

 photo DSC_9587.jpg
Back at the house watching the fireworks

 photo KJM_1308.jpg
Most of my pictures were bad, but this one of Kenji’s was good!

 photo DSC_9580.jpg  photo DSC_9582.jpg
Doing sparklers after the main show

 photo DSC_9594.jpg

The next day since I had off, I invited Amy and Paris along again to show them a bit of Fujioka. We decided to go climb 2000 Kaidan then go to Tsuchi-to-hi-no-Sato park to try some arts and crafts. The park was closed, so we just climbed 2000 steps and went to lunch after.

 photo DSC_9592.jpg
Amy and Sarah checking out the map at the bottom

 photo DSC_9596.jpg

 photo DSC_9598.jpg  photo DSC_9599.jpg
It isn’t really that strenuous of a climb, but Amy and I are definitely out of shape, so…

 photo DSC_9604.jpg  photo DSC_9606.jpg
Reaching the top

 photo DSC_9610.jpg
Little shrine at the top

 photo DSC_9616.jpg
Signing our names in the book