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Kenji wanted to go to Tokyo for a day to get his camera lens cleaned and fixed at the Nikon store in Shinjuku, and I decided once we got there to get my phone checked out at the Apple store. Due to timing, I had to wait for a bit for an appointment and as a result we didn’t see much of what Kenji wanted, and what we did see was later, so the pictures aren’t great. Kenji wasn’t terribly happy about the trip, but I did get my phone replaced, so that at least was good! And we did get to see the famous Nihonbashi bridge, which is considered the center point in Tokyo from which all distances are measured! So that was nice too.

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Area around Nihonbashi

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The buildings around here are kinda cool

 photo DSC_9633.jpg
Nihonbashi Bridge, unfortunately now located directly under the tollway

 photo DSC_9638.jpg
But at least they made an effort to build it kinda cool

 photo DSC_9639.jpg  photo DSC_9641.jpg  photo DSC_9645.jpg
Statues and sculptures

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Central point (actually located in the middle of the road)

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Walking back to Tokyo Station for dinner

Small little trip, but the main point was getting out of the house, so that was achieved.