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The second weekend in October we took a short afternoon motorcycle trip to see the cosmos flowers around Mt. Myogi, and on the way stopped at a famous shrine called Nukisaki Jinja. It was a short and sweet trip!

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Nukisaki Jinja is a bit unique in that you take stairs DOWN to the shrine instead of UP.

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Sign in the front

 photo DSC_0248.jpg
Entrance gate

 photo DSC_0249.jpg
Looking down

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Some shrine buildings

 photo DSC_0254.jpg
Close up of the nice detail

 photo DSC_0256.jpg
Little frog good luck figures

 photo DSC_0258.jpg
Goshuuin from Nukisaki, the LAST in my book! WOW!

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More pics

 photo DSC_0263.jpg
Torii gate with good views behind it. I had to cut the bottom out of the picture because of a bunch of cars though.

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And on to Mt. Myogi… the cosmos were a tiny bit disappointing, but still not bad

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Cosmos and Myogi in the background

 photo IMG_0655.jpg
The sparse field and Kenji

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A little further down the road, we’ve climbed these peaks before… 5 years ago!

 photo DSC_0299.jpg
This dudes famous

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Entrance to the steep stairs to start the climb

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These stairs were difficult to get up… and almost worse to go down!

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Shrine at the top of the stairs, as far as we went this time around