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A craft beer festival in Saitama was held at the Super Arena for a week, and we decided one afternoon to go check it out. Although we’ve tried a few craft beers here and there in Japan, usually they are only available in small areas around each brewery. So we were really excited to find some.

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On the train heading toward Saitama-Shintoshin station

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Saitama-Shintoshin station

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Looking down on the crowds

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Waiting in line, this place had pumpkin beer!

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One of my favorite beers, Coedo, from Kawagoe. They sell two types at a grocery store somewhat near us, but it is still always a treat. And they don’t sell my favorite kind, so it was nice to get it here!

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Joining a group of Gunma ALTs

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Grabbing some food… yum, curly fries!

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Kenji enjoying his beer

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Another craft brand we’ve tried before that I like

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And by the end of the night, our leaning tower of beer garnered a lot of attention!

So that was fun. Might have to make that an annual thing!