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The weekend after Myogi we went to Tokyo on the 19th to see a Koto Concert. I’ve been taking koto (Japanese 13-stringed harp) lessons for about 2 years, and this is the first time I’ve been able to go see my koto teacher perform. She performed one song at a Miyashita Shin concert, a famous koto player who has written a lot of songs (some that I’ve even learned before, though I didn’t know it). I got to meet him briefly. There was a slight mix-up with seats, and they didn’t have enough, but luckily we were able to sit in time to watch my teacher perform. It was a good learning experience, and nice to see what professional koto players look like! I’ve definitely changed my technique a little after watching them!

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Starting off with the Nikon store in Shinjuku

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We came a bit too early to get seated, so we decided to walk around Yotsuya while we waited

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Yotsuya area

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A temple in the area so I could buy a new shuuin book, since I used up all my last one

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I like the white and green detail, this isn’t a common color scheme

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The main building

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At the gate

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Walking back to the koto place

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Koto concert venue

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Back to Shinjuku for dinner

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And Krispy Creme donuts! The ones in the middle were dark chocolate orange. SO. GOOD.