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Higashi JHS’s annual music festival happened at the end of October after several months of practice and planning. It wasn’t anything new, but the third graders did do a fun dance, and a high school taiko group came to play, so there was enough to keep it mostly interesting!

 photo DSC_0992.jpg
Students waiting to go inside

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The sign background this year

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Some of my third grade girls

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Each class sang two songs, a class song and an overall grade song. There was a lot of singing.

 photo DSC_1214.jpg
Lunch time bento

 photo DSC_1220.jpg
There were various exhibits of art and posters of what was going on at school

 photo DSC_1229.jpg
The third grade dancers

 photo DSC_1233.jpg
The high school taiko group

 photo DSC_1247.jpg
And all of Higashi as a whole