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Another year, another wine festival… This annual event is going into its 6th year for me! I still remember my first time, but every time after that has been unique! This year we were super prepared for everything. I packed a lot of food, and we had tarps and clips and anything we could think of to bring with us. And the weather was nice so it was a good day!

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It is the 130th anniversary of the Takasaki line, which is pretty amazing! This seal is on all the Takasaki trains, and there have been intermittent celebrations and events throughout this year on the line.

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Arrival was by taxi as usual. We learned our lesson early that the bus just wasn’t worth it!

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Turning in our ticket for a wine glass, badge, and white or red wine

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Packed lunch

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We tucked our wine bottles away and sprung for the yummy nama wine which is only available at the festival.

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We sat next to a big group of ALTs

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People sitting near us were friends with a guy who runs a sushi restaurant, and he brought lots of fish. We gained their gratitude by sharing some of our food, so when the guy came we got some yummy sushi back!

It was a good year.