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We skipped Design Festa this year, but decided to go to the Motor Show held every two years. I’m not super interested in it, but Kenji wanted to go, so we got a hotel room and planned for a weekend stay. We went on one of the first days, so it was extremely crowded; too many people for my tastes, I ended up more often than not against a wall out of the press of people, waiting for Kenji to come get me to go onto the next area. But there were some interesting things there.

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First stop was Ueno for lunch (kebabs)

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Green yamanote train and the pretty peacock window at Shimbashi

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Back at Odaiba

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Cars and tractors and trucks, oh my! I want to drive a pink polkadot truck.

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Let’s be honest, Kenji was most interested in the motorcycles

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But there were certainly lots of cars!

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I don’t know what this is…

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I liked this old-timey truck a lot

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Finally getting out just in time for sunset

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Looking for something to eat, we found more cars and events

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Mexican food and Odaiba view

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Margaritas and fajitas!!

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Big hotel room this time around!

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In the morning heading to Akiba to go to Yodobashi Camera

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Then to Tokyo station (we seem to end up here a lot…)

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Lunch at a Belgian-style beer pub, before heading home

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But not before grabbing Krispy Kreme!!