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Ahh, 2014 already… time flies when you’re being lazy, apparently! Sorry for not posting for awhile. Here are some pictures from the end of last year, including my school’s marathon day:

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Ema at my local shrine

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Posters made by each class

 photo DSC_1535.jpg

 photo DSC_1544.jpg  photo DSC_1548.jpg
Sunny day for a run

 photo DSC_1549.jpg  photo DSC_1576.jpg
Teachers were observing and cheering at all points

 photo DSC_1582.jpg
And so were students

 photo DSC_1592.jpg  photo DSC_1627.jpg  photo DSC_1634.jpg
Students running, but the teachers got to use bikes

 photo DSC_1666.jpg  photo DSC_1670.jpg  photo DSC_1688.jpg
Resting after running

 photo DSC_1691.jpg  photo DSC_1695.jpg
& getting ready to run

 photo DSC_1697.jpg  photo DSC_1698.jpg  photo DSC_1701.jpg  photo DSC_1708.jpg  photo DSC_1713.jpg

 photo DSC_1725.jpg  photo DSC_1726.jpg

 photo DSC_1740.jpg  photo DSC_1741.jpg
& at the end

So that was December, for the most part. There were a few more events, but Kenji has those pictures so I might never get them from him… he’s always still “editing” them.