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At the beginning of January, we decided to take a last minute trip to Taipei, Taiwan since we had free time before school began. We went for about four days and had a fantastic time!

I was able to use Delta miles to book a Business Class ticket roundtrip, which was my first time ever! Kenji, unfortunately, wasn’t able to even get a seat on the plane for a decent price, so he went on a completely separate flight. So we had to coordinate arriving and departing and separate times, which was a little bit difficult, but not too bad.

So on the 3rd, we left for the airport together, but his flight left first, so I hung out in the lounge for a few hours before my flight. And since he arrived before me, he went ahead and checked into the hotel. My flight landed pretty late at night, so the first night we didn’t do anything.

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Lounge and snacks at Narita

 photo IMG_0805.jpg  photo IMG_0806.jpg
Business class seats = fantastic!

 photo IMG_0809.jpg
Dinner in business class

 photo IMG_0807.jpg
business class selfie

Our first full day started off with walking from our hotel to the 2/28 Peace Park close to our hotel, after an ok breakfast at the hotel. We continued on to the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Plaza, a HUGE place with the memorial, the archway, and the National Theater and National Library on each side. At both of the National buildings there were many separate groups practicing dancing of different kinds, everything from ballroom dancing to jazz to modern. It was fun to watch! The Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial is free to enter, and features at the top of the steps a statue of Chiang Kai-Shek, guarded by two motionless guards. There are other things in the building, but besides checking out the gift shop and sending a postcard from the post office, we didn’t visit the housed museums.

From there, we grabbed a snack, then went back to the hotel to ask about lunch. We walked in the direction of the hotel’s recommendation, but decided on a basic workers lunch place instead. It was good, if a little difficult with the language barrier. Then, bubble tea!

In the afternoon we took the metro to the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial, in contrast to the Chiang Kai-Shek one. The Sun Yat-Sen Memorial is one building and is close to Taipei 101, which we went to after seeing the memorial. After walking around a bit in the building, we met our friend Terry, and his friends Tony and Hugo at the famous dumpling place at the bottom. We would have gone up the tower, but it was cloudy so we put it off. After eating at the frankly fantastic restaurant, we walked a bit around the area to get drinks at the fancy W hotel, then took the metro to Tony’s apartment. Terry went off to grab some street food, we bought some drinks at a local grocery store, and Hugo got us some tea, and we met up at the apartment to talk and drink and eat before heading back to our hotel after a long day.

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Being silly in the morning

 photo DSC_1762.jpg
Peace park entrance

 photo DSC_1764.jpg  photo DSC_1766.jpg
The pond had some adorable baby ducks

 photo DSC_1768.jpg  photo DSC_1781.jpg
And cool looking pigeons and cute finches too!

 photo DSC_1785.jpg
A temple-like building surrounded by a moat

 photo DSC_1778.jpg
I noticed this procession on a lot of buildings in Taipei, but I’m not sure of the meaning. This one had a white crane joining in the back!

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Peace Park Monument

 photo DSC_1801.jpg
And the sign

 photo DSC_1802.jpg
Walking along to the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial, we saw this giant building crossing the street

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The Archway, the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial, the National Library, and the National Theater in the plaza

 photo DSC_1820.jpg
Taking photos

 photo DSC_1822.jpg
Details on the National Library sign

 photo DSC_1831.jpg
Kenji & the Memorial

 photo DSC_1837.jpg
Looking down from the top of the stairs

 photo DSC_1839.jpg  photo DSC_1840.jpg
Inside the Memorial

 photo DSC_1841.jpg
Guard and tourists

 photo DSC_1849.jpg
Post office inside

 photo DSC_1853.jpg

 photo DSC_1857.jpg
There’s that procession again!

 photo DSC_1902.jpg  photo DSC_1900.jpg  photo DSC_1903.jpg
Lunch, and bubble tea in a convenient bag!

 photo DSC_1906.jpg  photo DSC_1910.jpg  photo DSC_1911.jpg
Around the hotel

 photo DSC_1918.jpg  photo DSC_1919.jpg
Subway and the electronic token

 photo DSC_1923.jpg  photo DSC_1928.jpg
Sun Yat-Sen Memorial and statue

 photo DSC_1932.jpg  photo DSC_1940.jpg  photo DSC_1955.jpg
Taipei 101 from the Memorial… can you see the kite in the first picture? Lots of kites flying!

 photo DSC_1968.jpg
Pretty flower… the weather was around 70F for the whole trip, SO NICE!

 photo DSC_1975.jpg
Kenji at the Memorial

 photo DSC_1986.jpg
Walking to Taipei 101, this cow reminded me of the ones in Austin!

 photo DSC_1990.jpg  photo DSC_1998.jpg
Taipei 101

 photo DSC_1994.jpg
Waiting for Terry

 photo DSC_1999.jpg
Lights around Taipei 101

 photo DSC_2006.jpg  photo DSC_2010.jpg  photo DSC_2007.jpg
Famous restaurant for dinner… whew look at that wait time! Luckily, Tony got there before us and got our party’s name down!

 photo DSC_2011.jpg

 photo DSC_2020.jpg  photo DSC_2015.jpg
Walking around at night, I saw this unicorn and had to get a picture!

 photo DSC_2024.jpg  photo DSC_2031.jpg
Hotel for drinks

 photo DSC_2037.jpg  photo DSC_2040.jpg
Tea and yummy food at Tony’s!

It was a good first day!