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Day 2 started out at the Taipei Main Train Station for an early lunch and a bubble tea to top it off. From there we went to visit Longshan Temple by Metro. Longshan is fantastically decorated, each square inch of the building either beautifully carved wood and stone, or painted and tiled. The building was cacophonous in the best way possible. I LOVED the dragons!

After that, we went back to Taipei 101 to actually go up to the top and the observation deck. We rode the fastest elevator in the world (at least at one point…) to the top, ears popping the whole way, to see the views right around sunset. Although most of the outdoor observation deck was closed, we did get to go out on a small part of it.

And after Taipei 101, we had to scramble to meet the gang out at the Shilin Night Market, where Terry, Tony, and Hugo brought us around to eat the best of the best food on offer. And we both bought shoes too!

 photo DSC_2046.jpg  photo DSC_2049.jpg
Taipei Train Station

 photo DSC_2050.jpg  photo DSC_2051.jpg

 photo DSC_2052.jpg
Entering Longshan Temple

 photo DSC_2054.jpg  photo DSC_2059.jpg  photo DSC_2076.jpg
LOVED the details everywhere… couldn’t stop taking pictures of everything, and couldn’t take a picture of near everything either!

 photo DSC_2062.jpg
Waterfall fountain

 photo DSC_2072.jpg
It was ALMOST a good picture, if they had just gotten all the temple in. Oh well!

 photo DSC_2082.jpg
Worshippers and incense

 photo DSC_2100.jpg
The temple was right up next to a modern-ish glass building which provided an interesting contrast

 photo DSC_2109.jpg
Kenji taking pictures

 photo DSC_2120.jpg
Sitting and chatting on a doorstep

 photo DSC_2125.jpg
I think this poster summed up Taiwan’s language abilities pretty perfectly… a mix of Chinese (of course), and a smatter of Japanese and English

 photo DSC_2133.jpg
Taipei 101 again

 photo DSC_2136.jpg
World Record-breaking elevator

 photo DSC_2141.jpg
Pretty rose courtyard

 photo DSC_2142.jpg
Sun Yat-Sen Temple from the day before

 photo DSC_2148.jpg  photo DSC_2158.jpg
Views of Taipei

 photo DSC_2154.jpg

 photo DSC_2169.jpg  photo DSC_2170.jpg
Getting some ice cream and hot bubble tea

 photo DSC_2161.jpg
This is the dampener that keeps the building from swaying too much in the wind

 photo DSC_2171.jpg  photo DSC_2174.jpg
Dampener ball characters

 photo DSC_2175.jpg
Outside deck

 photo DSC_2191.jpg
Special coral exhibit before heading down

 photo DSC_2197.jpg  photo DSC_2198.jpg  photo DSC_2200.jpg
Shilin Night Market

 photo DSC_2202.jpg  photo DSC_2204.jpg  photo DSC_2205.jpg
Enjoying the food!

 photo DSC_2214.jpg
Taking a break

 photo DSC_2227.jpg  photo DSC_2230.jpg
And then more food

 photo DSC_2231.jpg
No I didn’t try those…

 photo DSC_2234.jpg  photo DSC_2239.jpg  photo DSC_2246.jpg  photo DSC_2251.jpg  photo DSC_2254.jpg
At the market, then at the metro stop before heading back to the hotel