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For our last day in Taiwan, we went a little outside the city to a small railway line called Pinghsi (or Pingxi, there was no agreement on spelling!) that connected a few tiny towns for a fun day trip. There were about 8 towns on the line, so we visited 3.

First stop was the end of the line at Jingtong. It retained its Japanese-built station, and people could get out and walk to the end of the tracks. The train was about a once-an-hour deal, but Jingtong being the end of the line, stopped there for about 30 minutes, giving us plenty of time to get out and look around a bit.

Next we stopped at the main stop on the line, Shifen (literally the kanji for 10 and minute… weird). This is the site if a famous lantern festival, where thousands and thousands of paper lanterns are released with good wishes written on them for luck. It wasn’t time for the festival, but you could still release a lantern, and a good many people were doing it. We didn’t, because on the train we noticed tons of these lanterns littering the ground. I don’t think they are ever picked up once they fall out of the sky, and we felt a bit bad about that, so we just took pictures instead! We also walked to a nice waterfall for some pictures as well.

By that time it was getting dark. Our last station was Houtong, which was famous for tons of stray cats the locals feed. You can play with the cats, buy food and toys for them, and cat-themed things abound. Unfortunately for us, the later timing meant that things were closing up. We still got to play with some cats, but even getting a snack was a bit difficult. After waiting awhile, we finally got a train to take us back.

And for dinner, we met for the last time the gang, plus Tony’s girlfriend Tomoko was back in town. We ate in an area known as the “Harajuku of Taipei”, at a fantastic seafood restaurant where you could point to the fish/seafood you wanted, and they’d grab it and cook it up for you. It is a close call, but I think it was my favorite food of the trip!

After that, we said our goodbyes and went back to the hotel. I had a pretty early flight the next morning, so I caught a taxi early, while Kenji’s flight wasn’t until later, so he could sleep in. And that concluded our Taipei trip!

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On the train

 photo DSC_2272.jpg
Ruifeng, the spot to change to the Pinghsi line train

 photo DSC_2276.jpg
We grabbed some noodles for a bite

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End of the line in Jingtong

 photo DSC_2288.jpg  photo DSC_2295.jpg  photo DSC_2298.jpg  photo DSC_2306.jpg
Around Jingtong station

 photo DSC_2307.jpg  photo DSC_2309.jpg  photo DSC_2316.jpg
Bamboo wishes in Jingtong

 photo DSC_2344.jpg
In Shifen, everyone ignored the “don’t walk along the tracks!” signs…

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Lanterns and tracks

 photo DSC_2388.jpg
Big suspension bridge

 photo DSC_2391.jpg  photo DSC_2397.jpg
Walking to the waterfall

 photo DSC_2403.jpg
Pretty purple flowers

 photo DSC_2405.jpg  photo DSC_2412.jpg  photo DSC_2416.jpg  photo DSC_2422.jpg
Shifen waterfall

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Cats and Kenji in Houtong

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Walking around the station in Houtong

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Back in the “Harajuku of Taipei”

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At the restaurant

 photo DSC_2492.jpg  photo DSC_2493.jpg  photo DSC_2494.jpg
Friends (and Kenji)

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Outside the restaurant