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It’s been a bit of a rough winter for us. With the snow in February, its been difficult to go do anything on the weekends, and dangerous to take the motorcycle out even for a little while. Kenji’s had a rough time with his job, and we’re both doing a lot of thinking and worrying over the future. We really needed to get out of the house. The snow is pretty much all melted, and it is time for plum blossoms to be blooming, so we took the bike out to Mt. Haruna’s Haruna Bairin, or plum grove. I checked the dates ahead of time, but we were still way too early to see all but a few blooming trees. Still, we made the most of it and enjoyed ourselves!

 photo DSC_2882.jpg  photo DSC_2903.jpg
Still some snow up here, and the trees just budding

 photo DSC_2954.jpg
Haruna Bairin banner

 photo DSC_2884.jpg  photo DSC_2889.jpg
Although most trees looked like the left picture, we were able to see some blossoms

 photo DSC_2921.jpg  photo DSC_2927.jpg
The pink plums were blooming at least

 photo DSC_2933.jpg  photo DSC_2944.jpg
Pink plums

 photo DSC_2957.jpg  photo DSC_2961.jpg  photo DSC_3011.jpg
We did find one really nice white tree, too

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Lunch was Thai food in Takasaki