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We had been trying to have a “Taco Day” with our doctor’s girls for a long time, but it kept getting postponed, first because Momoko had testing at school, and again for the snowpocalypse. We were finally able to schedule it for Sunday, February 23rd.

We picked up Momoko and Icchan, and took them to starbucks for a snack and to try the new Sakura flavored drinks, then to the store to get ingredients. After that, we went home and started cooking! After eating, we watched Wall-E and later their mom came to pick them up with the other 3 kids, and also enjoyed some dinner as well. I think everyone had fun!

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On the way to Starbucks

 photo KJM_4366.jpg  photo KJM_4368.jpg
Enjoying a snack and drink!

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Here’s what we’ll be working with today…

 photo KJM_4380.jpg  photo KJM_4385.jpg
Murny was a huge hit with all the kids, and very patient!

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 photo KJM_4390.jpg  photo KJM_4391.jpg
Enjoying the fruits of their labor!

 photo KJM_4402.jpg  photo KJM_4403.jpg  photo KJM_4404.jpg  photo KJM_4409.jpg  photo KJM_4411.jpg
Later with the whole gang

 photo KJM_4416.jpg  photo KJM_4417.jpg  photo KJM_4419.jpg  photo KJM_4423.jpg
Watching TV after eating

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Murny being patient with Souchan