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One a cold night in January, I stopped into our local 7/11 for a sports drink after my walk/run and noticed a cute orange cat by the entrance. When I went in, the cat was being given pieces of ham by a high school student, and by the time I came out, the kitty was curled up in the student’s lap. I figured he must be a stray.

2 hours later, I went back to the store, this time with Kenji, and noticing the cat, bought some ham for him as well. He was sweet and skinny, and it was a cold night. Someone had left a blanket for him he was curled up on, but I felt bad, and suggested to Kenji we let him sleep in the garage for a night to get out of the wind. Surprisingly, Kenji agreed, so I picked him up and brought him home, got a box to put the blanket in, gave him some food and water, and said goodnight. I though, “oh, he’ll probably be gone by morning”.

He was still there. I fed him. I went to work and thought, “oh, he’ll probably be gone when I get back home from work.” He was still there. I fed him again. Somehow in the course of a week, I ended up bringing him inside, giving him a bath, buying cat food and cat toys and a litter box for him, and this escalated into bringing him into the vet a few times, until finally when I found myself looking at cat collars at the store and debating which would look best on him I realized we had a cat.

So his name is Murny, and he’s also quite the con artist. But a very cute one.

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When we first found him, he was pretty skinny, and had a cold. The first vet we went to also thought he had worms, but after doing the medicine with no change, we wondered if he actually had them or if the vet had just been inexperienced or something. I took him again to my preferred vet, and they confirmed no worms, gave him meds for his cold, and did his shots and neutering. He is now very healthy!

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Cleaning his eyes after a bath

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Still a bit skinny here, but already the consummate cuddle-bug

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Murny’s hobbies include sleeping…

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tummy rubs…

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…and putting up with the whims of his humans.

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So Murny, welcome to the family!