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We spent the night in Yonezawa, famous for the “Yonezawa ABCs”, Apples, Beef, and Carp! We didn’t try any apples or carp, but we did eat the beef at a restaurant near the station… SO good! I could definitely taste the quality of it compared to regular supermarket beef. Nice!

After checking out of the Toyoko Inn that morning, we drove to the ruins of Yonezawa castle, which now hosts a shrine. There were many beautiful cherry blossoms here too, and also lots of festival booths. We spent a little time here before finally driving to the main point of the entire road trip: Yamadera.

A friend had posted some pictures of Yamadera with many hydrangea in bloom in June, and I’ve wanted to see it ever since. Yamadera literally means just “mountain temple”; its a temple complex situated increasingly higher on the mountain, and is quite a walk to get up to the top! I knew it wouldn’t be full of flowers, but the occasional cherry blossom tree or daffodil was quite nice, and I was happy to cross it off my travel list… for now at least. I bet it’d be awesome in fall!

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Yonezawa “ABCs” and our fantastic beef dinner!

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Uesugi Shrine in Yonezawa (Uesugi Kenshin was a famous samurai from the area)

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Getting my calligraphy done

 photo DSC_6305.jpg  photo DSC_6325.jpg  photo DSC_6326.jpg  photo DSC_6329.jpg  photo DSC_6331.jpg
We had fun taking all these pictures!

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Cool building in Yamagata city, where I grabbed my postcards from an open post office

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Lots of blossoms at the parking lot!

 photo DSC_6370.jpg  photo DSC_6375.jpg
I really liked the area… the train tracks and river together were very picturesque!

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Bottom temple at the start of the complex

 photo DSC_6383.jpg  photo DSC_6388.jpg
Getting my calligraphy from here

 photo DSC_6395.jpg  photo DSC_6396.jpg  photo DSC_6399.jpg
We had to eat “chikara dango”, balls of konnyaku said to give power to get all the way to the top!

 photo DSC_6408.jpg
This temple is famous as being written about by the famous haiku poet Basho

 photo DSC_6409.jpg  photo DSC_6411.jpg  photo DSC_6415.jpg
And Yamagata is famous for cherries and “La France”, western pears, so we tried some snacks for that too!

 photo DSC_6414.jpg
Temple map

 photo DSC_6419.jpg
Cherry cups in the lanterns on the way up

 photo DSC_6422.jpg
Up we go! It was crazy

 photo DSC_6433.jpg  photo DSC_6441.jpg  photo DSC_6442.jpg
But some nice views!

 photo DSC_6458.jpg
And a random post office box… does someone actually walk up here every day to check if there’s mail?! I don’t want that job!!

 photo DSC_6460.jpg  photo DSC_6462.jpg  photo DSC_6470.jpg  photo DSC_6471.jpg
Finally made it to the top!

 photo DSC_6467.jpg
Got my calligraphy up here too, but I skipped all the middle temples… too much calligraphy for me!

 photo DSC_6475.jpg  photo DSC_6480.jpg  photo DSC_6489.jpg  photo DSC_6514.jpg
Nice views as we continued to the viewing platform

 photo DSC_6499.jpg  photo DSC_6507.jpg  photo DSC_6508.jpg
Which indeed had some nice views!

 photo IMG_1291.jpg
We grabbed a quick picture of the three of us

 photo DSC_6532.jpg  photo DSC_6540.jpg
Then aaaaalll the way back down, where we contemplated how far we’d come

 photo DSC_6542.jpg  photo DSC_6544.jpg  photo IMG_1292.jpg
And got some more ice cream as a reward!

 photo DSC_6541.jpg
Yamagata’s also famous for shogi pieces, but these are huge!

 photo DSC_5898.jpg
Beer and cherry sake from the area… I forgot to get pictures of my postcards though!

After finishing at the temple and grabbing snacks, we headed back to Gunma. We hit traffic on the way, so it took a good 4-5 hours, but we finally got home and considered it a great trip. I wonder where I will go next?