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The Golden Week holidays started off this year with a random Tuesday off of work and school, so I headed into Tokyo to meet up with Kenji’s cousin Shoko and have some fun.

I met her at Tokyo station, as I wanted to grab the new postacollect card from the Tokyo post office, then we headed to Asakusa from there for some shopping I promised Dad. We ate some monjyayaki while there, then walked to Kappa-Bashi, a street famous for kitchen stuff, including the amazing fake food displayed in many restaurants all over Japan. Although a bit expensive, if you ever wanted your own fake curry, spaghetti, or sushi, Kappa-Bashi is the place to get it! I got some keychains for gifts, and planned to go back soon!

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Lunch in Asakusa

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Although Okonomiyaki (usually made with egg) is more popular, I like monjayaki too! Although it doesn’t look very appetizing, it is very good!

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You know you’ve found Kappa-Bashi when you find the golden Kappa statue!

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You can find anything on this street, from weird coffee goods, sharp knives, to cookie cutters in the shape of every prefecture of Japan (!!), but my favorite is the fake food! (Well, I might have to go back for those cookie cutters!)

From there we thought to catch the Dolphin show at Shinagawa station’s aquarium, but by the time we got there and wanted to buy tickets, we’d already missed some of the show, and didn’t want to wait for another set. So that is a plan for another day, and we headed on to Hamamatsu-cho station to hit our lunch spot: Chicago-style deep dish pizza! YUUUUMMM

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I would have totally rode this cute otter once around though!

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AHHHH! Namahage in Shinagawa!

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Hamamatsucho station

 photo DSC_5969.jpg
Pizza place!

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Also, lots of craft beer from around Japan!

 photo IMG_1296.jpg  photo IMG_1297.jpg

Actually, right before lunch we also visited a small garden by Hamamatsu-cho called Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden. It is a small oasis of calm in the midst of Tokyo, and the fuji (wisteria), tsutsuji (azalea), and various other flowers.

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Tsutsuji around Tokyo

 photo DSC_5929.jpg
Map at the station of the garden

 photo DSC_5930.jpg
Garden entrance

 photo DSC_5931.jpg  photo DSC_5938.jpg

 photo DSC_5941.jpg  photo DSC_5945.jpg

 photo DSC_5943.jpg  photo DSC_5961.jpg
And others

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There’s also a nice big lake in the center

We were super full from lunch, but Shoko wanted to go to Odaiba to see Oktoberfest. Yes, Japan has an Oktoberfest in April. Any excuse to drink, apparently! So that was rowdy and fun. I got home pretty late after that, but enjoyed the trip a lot!

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Odaiba Oktoberfest

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Lots of German beer, girls in costumes, and people

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And also the band was really fun!

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I couldn’t eat these… too full from lunch!

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Pics of us from Oktoberfest (from Shoko)

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Leaving Odaiba, back to work in the morning!