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Day 3: We checked out of our hotel the morning of our third full day, and headed to the train station to buy our tickets onward. We decided to spend a few hours in nearby Bratislava, Slovakia, before continuing to Budapest. It turned out to be a good decision despite the somewhat rainy weather, as we both really liked the city!

Because it was a Sunday, many buildings and churches were closed, so we really just walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere. Bratislava is a really colorful city, which buildings painted all different pastel colors. There was even a very blue church, called St. Elizabeth’s which was fun!

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At the train station

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Walking around the city center

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Lunch was really great at a cute restaurant called Prasna Basta. The beet soup was really good!

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More city center

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I think this was called St. Michael’s Gate

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The Blue Church

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Flowers in the rain

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At the river

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Looking up at the castle Hrad

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Quite the walk to get up there…

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Nice views from the top, though!

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We stopped for cupcakes and coffee on the way down

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There were lots of interesting statues and details we really liked in the city

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Walking back to the train station to head on to Budapest