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Our last city of the trip was Istanbul. We took the overnight train from Bucharest (frankly an awful experience I will never repeat!) and got into the city in the early morning. Our first hotel was great and actually had our room ready, so we showered and rested before heading out to sightsee!

Our first stop on Day 10 was the Sultanahmet area, where the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia are the most prominent buildings on the skyline. These two buildings are HUGE and beautiful! We visited the Blue Mosque first, then the Hagia Sofia before a lunch of meatballs, then went on to the Archaeological Museum in the Topkapi Castle grounds. At that point we were pretty tired, so we went back to the hotel for a nap, which turned out to be longer than we had planned! So we just had dinner and drinks at the hotel before relaxing and going back to bed.

Day 11 started off at the amazing Basilica Cistern, then to Topkapi Palace, where we saw the harem and walked around the beautiful and extensive grounds. I wish we’d have spent more time there exploring, but I wanted to see the Mosaic Museum since we’d missed it the day before. Unfortunately, it was closed, so we just saw a little of the Arasta Bazaar, then walked back through Sultanahmet before getting to our hotel in time to check out. We took a taxi to our last hotel, the Park Hyatt, checked in, then walked to the Taksim street in the afternoon and evening. We saw the Galata tower and some great sunset views of the city, before walking back after some shopping. It was a long day!

Our final full day was spent exploring the Galata Bridge, spice bazaar, and grand bazaar, where we bought a few (probably overpriced but oh well) souvenirs, and enjoyed the atmosphere! We tried one more time to get to the Mosaic Museum, but it closed early, so again we couldn’t… but we did spend more time at the Arasta Bazaar at a great store that sold bath goods. We were pretty tired from walking around all day, so we went back to the hotel and just ate in the area, and did some shopping at the City’s Mall nearby.

And our last day we spent just walking around and relaxing in the morning, before checking out at 2 and heading to the airport. We flew back to Japan again in business class, this time Turkish Airlines, which was pretty fantastic! And then went home exhausted to sleep for a long, long time!

 photo DSC_4541.jpg
Our first hotel, the Doubletree near Sultanahmet

 photo DSC_4546.jpg  photo DSC_4548.jpg
Cats and tulips!

 photo DSC_4549.jpg  photo DSC_4550.jpg  photo DSC_4551.jpg
Got a quick kebab snack and attracted the attention of an interested kitty

 photo DSC_4552.jpg  photo DSC_4563.jpg  photo DSC_4564.jpg
Then hit the square between the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sofia

 photo DSC_4571.jpg  photo DSC_4577.jpg  photo DSC_4584.jpg  photo DSC_4592.jpg  photo DSC_4603.jpg
Inside the Blue Mosque which was pretty overwhelming it was so big

 photo DSC_4619.jpg  photo DSC_4620.jpg  photo DSC_4629.jpg  photo IMG_1112.jpg
The back outside

 photo DSC_4634.jpg  photo DSC_4639.jpg  photo DSC_4646.jpg  photo DSC_4650.jpg  photo DSC_4687.jpg  photo DSC_4727.jpg
To the also very huge Hagia Sofia

 photo DSC_4730.jpg
To Tokyo!

 photo DSC_4733.jpg  photo IMG_1120.jpg  photo IMG_1121.jpg
Then some meatballs for lunch

 photo IMG_1122.jpg  photo IMG_1123.jpg
And then baklava and Turkish tea for dessert at the cafe in the Archaeological Museum!

 photo DSC_4736.jpg
On our way to the museum

 photo DSC_4755.jpg
Some of it is under construction, but I really liked the bottom floor of the museum, and the tile museum across the way… the upstairs though, they really need to redo.

 photo DSC_4761.jpg  photo DSC_4765.jpg  photo DSC_4768.jpg  photo DSC_4773.jpg  photo DSC_4778.jpg  photo DSC_4783.jpg  photo DSC_4784.jpg  photo DSC_4793.jpg
Archaeology Museum

 photo DSC_4800.jpg  photo DSC_4806.jpg  photo DSC_4807.jpg  photo DSC_4808.jpg
And the Iznik Tile Museum

 photo IMG_1124.jpg
Dinner at the hotel

 photo IMG_1125.jpg  photo IMG_1126.jpg  photo IMG_1127.jpg
And breakfast the next morning… seriously the honeycomb was SO GOOD! Especially with simit. I wanted to eat it every morning!

 photo DSC_4820.jpg  photo DSC_4822.jpg  photo DSC_4830.jpg  photo DSC_4862.jpg
Day 2 at the Basilica Cistern

 photo DSC_4846.jpg  photo DSC_4850.jpg
Loved the Medusa heads!

 photo DSC_4866.jpg
And back to Topkapi Palace

 photo DSC_4870.jpg  photo DSC_4881.jpg  photo DSC_4882.jpg  photo DSC_4885.jpg  photo DSC_4900.jpg  photo DSC_4916.jpg  photo DSC_4925.jpg  photo DSC_4938.jpg  photo DSC_4947.jpg
Strait to the Harem with all its amazing colored tiles

 photo DSC_4932.jpg  photo DSC_4936.jpg  photo DSC_4939.jpg  photo DSC_4944.jpg  photo DSC_4967.jpg  photo DSC_4978.jpg
It was really beautiful inside and out!

 photo DSC_4987.jpg  photo DSC_4991.jpg  photo DSC_5006.jpg  photo DSC_5013.jpg  photo DSC_5023.jpg  photo DSC_5028.jpg
But the rest of the palace was nothing to sneeze over either!

 photo IMG_1137.jpg  photo IMG_1139.jpg  photo IMG_1141.jpg  photo IMG_1142.jpg
Us at the palace

 photo DSC_5033.jpg  photo DSC_5035.jpg  photo DSC_5036.jpg
Arasta Bazaar for our failed try at the Mosaic Museum and some spices there

 photo IMG_1146.jpg  photo IMG_1147.jpg  photo IMG_1148.jpg
Our Park Hyatt room and private Turkish bath area!

 photo DSC_5042.jpg
Walking to Taksim, we came upon a park of cats, all of which loved Kenji

 photo DSC_5047.jpg  photo DSC_5049.jpg  photo DSC_5053.jpg  photo DSC_5055.jpg
Taksim square and street

 photo DSC_5057.jpg  photo DSC_5070.jpg  photo DSC_5077.jpg
And Galata Tower and views at sunset!

 photo IMG_1151.jpg  photo IMG_1152.jpg  photo IMG_1153.jpg
Dinner at a sushi restaurant… the “Istanbul Roll” was good!

 photo DSC_5080.jpg
We finally had the wine we bought in Budapest

 photo IMG_1168.jpg  photo IMG_1169.jpg  photo IMG_1170.jpg
Breakfast the next morning… more honeycomb!

 photo DSC_5083.jpg  photo DSC_5085.jpg  photo DSC_5087.jpg  photo DSC_5093.jpg  photo DSC_5097.jpg
Parks, flowers, and flags on our way to Galata

 photo DSC_5092.jpg
He tried to overcharge us, but we held firm!

 photo IMG_1172.jpg
Getting some pomegranate juice at Galata Bridge

 photo DSC_5103.jpg  photo DSC_5110.jpg  photo DSC_5111.jpg  photo DSC_5116.jpg  photo DSC_5128.jpg
Galata Bridge and New Mosque

 photo DSC_5135.jpg  photo DSC_5147.jpg  photo DSC_5153.jpg
At the spice bazaar

 photo DSC_5154.jpg
Quick lunch before the Grand Bazaar

 photo DSC_5158.jpg  photo DSC_5161.jpg  photo DSC_5162.jpg
Grand Bazaar and lanterns

 photo DSC_5168.jpg  photo DSC_5169.jpg  photo DSC_5172.jpg  photo DSC_5177.jpg
Back around the Hippodrome, trying for the Mosaic Museum one more time… didn’t work out, but I couldn’t resist the cats, and Kenji couldn’t resist more ice cream!

 photo IMG_1183.jpg
And we even had Mexican food that night!

 photo IMG_1184.jpg  photo IMG_1185.jpg
Turkish Airlines lounge at the airport… so much good food to choose from!

 photo IMG_1187.jpg  photo IMG_1188.jpg  photo IMG_1189.jpg  photo IMG_1193.jpg  photo IMG_1195.jpg
And the fantastic Turkish airlines business class!

Istanbul was so much fun… we missed a lot, but just like other places on this trip, it gives us a good reason to go back for more!