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Finally, finally, FINALLY getting to update this blog after a very whirlwind few months! This is Post #1 of my Europe trip, and we’re starting in the lovely Vienna!

Day 0: Kenji and I started our trip flying business class on Scandinavian Airlines to Copenhagen, then a codeshare of Austrian Airlines to Vienna. We arrived pretty late on the first day, so went strait to the hotel, the Hilton Vienna Danube, and then to sleep.

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Waiting for our flight with some drinks and snacks in the ANA lounge at Narita airport… we ended up visiting our usual United lounge too!

 photo IMG_0897.jpg  photo IMG_0899.jpg
Settling into our seats in SAS business class! Turkish Airlines was better, but still trumps economy any day!

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Menu and some food!

 photo IMG_0907.jpg
At the SAS lounge in Copenhagen in between flights

 photo IMG_0908.jpg
We actually got another yummy meal on the quick flight to Vienna, too! Wheeee!

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Arriving at the airport and catching the train into the city

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Our first hotel room

Day 1: We woke pretty early in the morning, really before anything was open, so we went upstairs to the business lounge for some breakfast since our room gave us access. We planned a little of our day, went to the concierge for some reservations, then headed out.

Our first day’s plan was to see the Morning Exercises of the Spanish Riding School for about an hour, then walking down Graben avenue to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, followed by a bit more walking to Karlskirche, and plans for dinner at the famous Figlmuller that evening. We mostly followed the plan, but took it a bit easy on the sightseeing as we were still tired, and Kenji still had a bit of a cold.

Of the day, I really loved watching the horses at the Spanish Riding school, but Kenji quickly got pretty bored, like I figured he would. It isn’t terribly interesting if you don’t know what they’re doing, but I could have watched all day!

My most favorite place, though, was definitely Karlskirche. Right now it is undergoing renovations on the inside which allow you to take an elevator, then some stairs, all the way to the top of the dome, allowing you the unique chance to see all the paintings and details up close! It was a really special experience.

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Lounge in the morning

 photo DSC_3511.jpg
On the train

 photo DSC_3513.jpg  photo DSC_3517.jpg  photo DSC_3519.jpg
On our way to the Riding School

 photo DSC_3523.jpg
Spanish Riding School… unfortunately, you can’t take pictures inside

 photo DSC_3524.jpg
Behind the school

 photo IMG_0914.jpg
Grabbing a quick drink

 photo DSC_3537.jpg  photo DSC_3538.jpg  photo DSC_3541.jpg  photo IMG_0918.jpg  photo IMG_0920.jpg
Then lunch and dessert at Cafe Central

 photo DSC_3542.jpg  photo DSC_3546.jpg  photo DSC_3550.jpg  photo DSC_3553.jpg
Before heading down Graben

 photo DSC_3561.jpg  photo DSC_3562.jpg  photo DSC_3564.jpg
To St. Stephen’s Cathedral, with its interesting tiled roof

 photo DSC_3570.jpg
Inside was a little dreary

 photo DSC_3588.jpg  photo DSC_3608.jpg
But up on one of the towers was a great view!

 photo IMG_0934.jpg
The to Karlskirche, after grabbing some cough drops for Kenji

 photo DSC_3624.jpg

 photo DSC_3632.jpg  photo DSC_3633.jpg  photo DSC_3643.jpg  photo DSC_3650.jpg  photo DSC_3660.jpg  photo DSC_3664.jpg
And only a small fraction of the tons of pictures I took of the inside

 photo DSC_3670.jpg
I loved how at the bottom of the church, all the details and marble was real, but as you went up, it became painted, including all the marble!

 photo DSC_3683.jpg
Thankfully we reserved at Figlmuller, they were busy as usual!

 photo DSC_3685.jpg  photo DSC_3687.jpg
The famous GIANT weinerschnitzel which I couldn’t finish!

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Day 2: We started off our second day almost more tired than the first, due to a nap we had taken the previous day which messed with our sleeping schedule. We still got off at a decent hour, heading back to the area we were in the previous day to see the Imperial Palace Apartments, Silver Collection, and Sisi Museum. From there, we went to the Kunsthistoriesches Museum Cafe for a snack, then explored the museum. Kenji was too tired by that point to see Schonbrunn Palace, so we went to a late lunch at Plachutta, before going back to the hotel to rest up. We had planned to go out later, but ended up staying in the hotel.

The best part of the day was hands down the Kunsthistoriesches Museum, which ended up being my favorite museum of not only this trip, but of all I’ve seen in Europe! Their special Faberge egg exhibit wasn’t the greatest, but the permanent exhibits, especially the sculpture collection and Egyptian collections, just blew me away. They were wonderfully curated and certainly set the bar high! Plus, my favorite European artist Diego Velasquez also had a lot of his portraits there as well.

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Morning at the hotel

 photo DSC_3692.jpg  photo DSC_3693.jpg
Waiting for our train

 photo DSC_3698.jpg  photo DSC_3701.jpg
Goofing off before hitting the Hofburg

 photo DSC_3702.jpg  photo DSC_3710.jpg  photo DSC_3711.jpg
Imperial Silver Collection, which was not only silverware, but table settings in general… loved these flower plates!

 photo DSC_3714.jpg  photo DSC_3715.jpg
Sisi museum and imperial apartments weren’t bad, but for the most part you couldn’t take any pictures

 photo DSC_3717.jpg  photo DSC_3722.jpg  photo DSC_3723.jpg  photo IMG_0958.jpg  photo IMG_0960.jpg
Kunhistoriesches Museum entrance and cafe… the kaiserchmarnn was good, but too big for me to finish!

 photo DSC_3724.jpg  photo DSC_3726.jpg  photo DSC_3729.jpg
European painters gallery

 photo DSC_3732.jpg  photo DSC_3734.jpg  photo DSC_3736.jpg
A whole room of Velasquez!!

 photo DSC_3742.jpg  photo DSC_3744.jpg  photo DSC_3748.jpg
Beautiful sculpture gallery

 photo DSC_3750.jpg
Loved this tile

 photo DSC_3752.jpg  photo DSC_3754.jpg  photo DSC_3755.jpg  photo DSC_3762.jpg  photo DSC_3763.jpg  photo DSC_3767.jpg  photo DSC_3768.jpg  photo DSC_3779.jpg  photo DSC_3784.jpg  photo DSC_3787.jpg  photo DSC_3788.jpg
And the fantastically painted Egyptian Gallery! WOW!

 photo DSC_3792.jpg  photo DSC_3793.jpg  photo DSC_3795.jpg  photo DSC_3798.jpg  photo DSC_3804.jpg  photo DSC_3805.jpg
Also liked the Gallery of Eastern European Religious Icons and Art

 photo DSC_3810.jpg
Outside the museum, but we’re actually facing the Natural History Museum

 photo DSC_3815.jpg  photo IMG_0967.jpg  photo IMG_0968.jpg  photo IMG_0969.jpg
Tafelspitz and beer at Plachutta

 photo DSC_3821.jpg  photo DSC_3822.jpg
And leaving Vienna the next morning for Bratislava

I really liked Vienna, but we just didn’t get to do and see as much as I’d hoped, due in part to tiredness from jetlag, but also because Kenji was getting over his cold, and got tired easily. But I guess that means it is just a good excuse to go back!