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The weekend right after Kenji left, I went hiking on Gunma’s Mt. Myogi with a new group of friends. The trip was organized by my friend Daniel, but I didn’t know anyone else going. However by the end of the hike, we were all fast friends and promising to go on many more hikes together in the future! It was such a wonderful day, and just a really great group of people!

We started off gathering at a local train station to get all the people who came by train into the cars of the three drivers, me included. Scott also came, and brought Naomi and Ibuki, but they didn’t plan to go very far, just up to the first arch. We parked nearest our trail entrance, then after spending some time getting stuff together and using the restroom, started up the path.

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Getting ready to conquer

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Our plan was to take the intermediate level blue line in the middle, which is a good trail because it has optional chain areas to heights for the more adventurous, but also easier parts for the less-experienced.

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Naomi and Ibuki on the way up

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Our first arch

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Stopping for lunch about 2 hours in

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Group pictures! The one in the middle was everyone’s favorite

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Making new friends on the trail!

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And some nice views… that’s Daniel in the second picture, looking like he’s King of the Mountain!

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Chains, stairs, and challenges

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Some flowers here and there on the trail

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Panorama on the trail

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A few people had to leave early, so I went with them to drive

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My legs were SERIOUSLY happy when we finally hit the shrine on the other end of the mountain… it was a long 5 hour hike!!

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But we weren’t done… there were still stairs!

 photo DSC_5562.jpg  photo DSC_5569.jpg
Some cherries were still blooming, so I got some nice pictures

 photo DSC_5572.jpg  photo DSC_5582.jpg
Yay flowers!

 photo DSC_5588.jpg  photo DSC_5596.jpg  photo DSC_5600.jpg  photo IMG_1247.jpg
More flowers around our onsen

 photo IMG_1244.jpg
Some cherry blossom ice cream while I waited for everyone to finish

After we’d washed off in the onsen, Daniel drove back with me to drop off my car, while everyone else rode the train into Takasaki to get some dinner. Daniel and I joined them, and enjoyed a great night before everyone headed back home by train!

It was a great hike, but I was SO SORE for the next few days! Definitely got quite the workout!