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A few days after we got back from Europe, it was back to work for me! The new school year in Japan starts in April, so on the 7th, I attended the opening ceremony for the new school year, as well as the entrance ceremony for all the new students starting middle school this year. It is a pretty formal occasion, and a huge deal for the students. The weather was very nice, if a bit windy, so the gym also wasn’t super cold like usual. All in all a good, if long, day!

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We started the morning with the opening ceremony and new school semester ceremonies

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All the new teachers introduce themselves, and the students also find out their homeroom teachers for the year

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After lunch, waiting for the second ceremony to start, I took some pictures of the trees in bloom around school

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Congratulations messages from students and teachers

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The gym and school

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The brand new students coming in at the ceremony

Ceremony days are always exhausting, then it takes classes awhile to start because of all the maintenance stuff the students have to do, such as testing and new books/materials/etc, so it was a pretty boring week for me.