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I didn’t even realize I’ve hit my 300th post until I posted about the wedding in Wimberley, which was my 301st! I guess that makes this post number 302, and just in time… with me starting a new job soon and getting married, I’m looking into changing up my blogging style into something more public. Up until now I’ve avoided getting too much traffic because this was mostly for family. Now I’m interested in gaining a bigger audience. I haven’t decided if I’m going to start an entirely new blog, or just enhance the posts here yet, but I may start experimenting with different styles for the upcoming posts. We shall see!

 photo DSC_6018.jpg  photo DSC_6019.jpg
So my latest collection obsession are these postcards called gotouchi from the post office. There is one every year from 2009 (so 6 as of April) for every one of the 47 prefectures. You can also collect mini versions, and they came out with these awesome books recently too. It’s gotten a bit out of hand to be honest, but I enjoy it!

 photo DSC_6052.jpg  photo DSC_6056.jpg
So because of the postcards, I wanted to visit a temple in Saitama with an ornate building that was featured on one of the postcards.

 photo DSC_6053.jpg  photo DSC_6054.jpg
Guards at the entrance

 photo DSC_6058.jpg  photo DSC_6062.jpg
Of course, with my luck, we got there too late to tour, and so I had to content myself with vague pictures taken from extreme angles and around corners.

 photo DSC_6060.jpg
At least the small waterfall and trails around back were nice…

And then my computer’s logic board broke, which meant an impromptu (and expensive) trip to Tokyo, where I figured if I was gonna be in Shibuya anyway, I’ll take some more postcard pictures!

 photo DSC_6064.jpg  photo DSC_6065.jpg
But first, to Ameyoko for kebabs!

 photo DSC_6075.jpg  photo DSC_6069.jpg
Okay, Shibuya Scramble Crossing, here we go!

So… that’s all I have for recent stuff. We’ve been trying to save money and been very busy planning the school recently, so not much time for pictures!