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My Dad’s wedding was at the beginning of May, which was perfect timing as I was able to maximize my time off with the holidays during Golden Week, and have a decent 10 days to spend in the US.

After flying business class to Europe, economy was worse than normal, but overall it wasn’t a bad flight. I arrived in Austin and rented a car for the week, then spent most of the time going back and forth between Austin and Wimberley, helping with wedding stuff, going through my old things to get rid of what I could, and meeting friends. Kenji came in on the 7th, and the rest of the family on the 8th and 9th. We had the rehearsal dinner on the 9th in Dripping Springs, and the wedding was the 10th and was absolutely gorgeous! Finally, on the 11th we had a river party before I drove Kenji back to Austin and stayed at the airport, and flew home on the 12th. For the most part, I didn’t take any pictures, so all of these are Kenji’s!

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Rain on Friday during wedding prep

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My wedding dinner outfit

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I brought daruma from Japan

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Various pictures

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This is my favorite of me of the week!