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This year’s festival was a rainy one… some years it is perfect weather, others we get rained out. On the first day (which I don’t have any pictures of, I’ll have to get them from Kenji), it rained and threatened, but by the time we actually got started with the portable shrines (mikoshi), it cleared up and it was a fun night.

Day two, however, started out sunny, so we went (me dressed in yukata), but then the heavens opened and it just POURED. Oh well, next year!

 photo DSC_6363.jpg
One of my favorite snacks, yakimanju

 photo DSC_6370.jpg
Look at those skies!

 photo DSC_6373.jpg
Dashi coming down the road

 photo DSC_6395.jpg
This is my new neighborhood’s dashi… our friend Misuzu was also on it!

 photo DSC_6398.jpg
Whoa, even darker now!

 photo DSC_6402.jpg
Some masks on the back of the float

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Bring out the umbrellas!

 photo DSC_6377.jpg  photo DSC_6380.jpg
These were also cool, sand brought in from Fujioka’s Japanese sister city! The second picture is the new world heritage site here in Fujioka, Takayama-sha