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I went to Tokyo too much recently, so hoping this was the last time in awhile, Kenji and I returned once again, this time to get a paper from the US Embassy saying I was able to marry here in Japan. Once we grabbed that, we went around Ueno a bit, spent the night on points at the Hyatt Regency in Shinjuku, and also visited the shrine in Kunitachi where we hope to have our marriage ceremony next year.

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Around Ueno

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Lotus are also blooming

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Kunitachi Yaho Shrine, where we hope to have the ceremony

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The hydrangea festival is really nice

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And it has lots of chickens!

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Shinjuku Government Building, postacollect postcard, and clearing skies

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Summer vegetable soup curry.. we looked for Mexican for lunch, but it was closed. It was a good substitute!