Spring Road Trip: Fukushima


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 photo DSC_5666.jpg

My second weekend of “Kenji-absence” was spent mostly cleaning and resting, but the third weekend I decided I wanted to get out of the house, and planned a small road trip with two friends, Amy and Sarah, to Fukushima and Yamagata prefectures up north in the Tohoku region.

Fukushima has the unfortunate privilege to be famous in the western media due to the nuclear plant meltdown that happened after the earthquake and tsunami three years ago, but beyond a very small area, the prefecture actually is a really great place! As long as you stay out of the radiation zone that is. Since we weren’t going anywhere near there, we weren’t worried at all.

Our first destination in Fukushima was the city of Aizu-Wakamatsu, a city full of samurai history, with a great castle, some museums, and an old area of town with samurai residences. We started off pretty early in the morning driving up there, about a 3 hour drive. We visited a post office, ate some lunch, then went up to visit the castle and grounds. We also saw a nice, if small, garden in the city, before heading south toward Ouchijuku. Ouchijuku is a post town from back when travel by most people was regulated to foot travel only. So you had to have frequent towns along the roads to accomodate travelers with food and places to stay. Ouchijuku preserves that old style town with thatched roofs and no power lines (a rarity in Japan!). It is a really awesome looking place!

 photo DSC_5607.jpg  photo DSC_5613.jpg
Cherry blossom-lined streets in Aizu-Wakamatsu

 photo DSC_5609.jpg  photo DSC_5608.jpg

 photo DSC_5616.jpg  photo DSC_5619.jpg  photo DSC_5629.jpg  photo DSC_5634.jpg  photo DSC_5642.jpg
The castle area provided some fantastic pictures of the cherry blossoms

 photo DSC_5631.jpg  photo DSC_5644.jpg  photo DSC_5651.jpg  photo DSC_5658.jpg
And pictures of us too!

 photo DSC_5655.jpg  photo DSC_5672.jpg
A few more

 photo DSC_5679.jpg  photo DSC_5680.jpg  photo DSC_5682.jpg  photo DSC_5683.jpg  photo DSC_5691.jpg  photo DSC_5696.jpg  photo DSC_5700.jpg  photo DSC_5702.jpg
Inside and around the castle

 photo DSC_5708.jpg  photo DSC_5709.jpg  photo DSC_5723.jpg
Oyakuen is a nice garden with a big pond in the middle, and features over 400 varieties of herbs

 photo DSC_5713.jpg  photo DSC_5717.jpg
There weren’t a lot of flowers yet, but a few nice daffodils

 photo DSC_5744.jpg
And some cute ducks too!

 photo DSC_5755.jpg  photo DSC_5765.jpg
Then on to Ouchijuku

 photo DSC_5758.jpg
Good cooling method

 photo DSC_5764.jpg  photo DSC_5780.jpg
Lots of fun shops selling all sorts of things

 photo DSC_5766.jpg  photo DSC_5778.jpg  photo DSC_5768.jpg
We had to get some ice cream… I got “soba” flavor, buckwheat noodle! I don’t like the noodles themselves much, but I like the flavor in other things!

 photo DSC_5769.jpg
These cute okiagari dolls (named because their bottoms are rounded so you can’t knock them over) were super cute… I got two little ones! And I love the Fukushima postcard of them too!

 photo DSC_5790.jpg  photo DSC_5791.jpg
From the top of the small hill, and another post card!

 photo DSC_5801.jpg  photo DSC_5805.jpg  photo DSC_5808.jpg  photo DSC_5822.jpg
Back down into town to check out the tiny museum

 photo DSC_5827.jpg  photo DSC_5837.jpg  photo DSC_5857.jpg
And getting a cute akabeko doll as well to finish up the shopping

 photo DSC_5832.jpg  photo DSC_5839.jpg  photo DSC_5844.jpg  photo DSC_5849.jpg
Before checking out the tiny little shrine on the outskirts of town

 photo DSC_5858.jpg  photo IMG_1268.jpg
Carp streamers up for Children’s Day in May

 photo DSC_5875.jpg
Fukushima postcard set

 photo DSC_5878.jpg
And the cute akabeko character stuff I got at the garden today!

From there, we drove into Yamagata to stay the night in Yonezawa, which will be included in the next post. Fukushima was lots of fun… I want to explore more there again!


Hiking Mt. Myogi


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 photo DSC_5423.jpg

The weekend right after Kenji left, I went hiking on Gunma’s Mt. Myogi with a new group of friends. The trip was organized by my friend Daniel, but I didn’t know anyone else going. However by the end of the hike, we were all fast friends and promising to go on many more hikes together in the future! It was such a wonderful day, and just a really great group of people!

We started off gathering at a local train station to get all the people who came by train into the cars of the three drivers, me included. Scott also came, and brought Naomi and Ibuki, but they didn’t plan to go very far, just up to the first arch. We parked nearest our trail entrance, then after spending some time getting stuff together and using the restroom, started up the path.

 photo IMG_1232.jpg
Getting ready to conquer

 photo DSC_5385.jpg
Our plan was to take the intermediate level blue line in the middle, which is a good trail because it has optional chain areas to heights for the more adventurous, but also easier parts for the less-experienced.

 photo DSC_5386.jpg
Naomi and Ibuki on the way up

 photo DSC_5391.jpg
Our first arch

 photo DSC_5413.jpg  photo DSC_5414.jpg
Stopping for lunch about 2 hours in

 photo DSC_5418.jpg  photo DSC_5419.jpg  photo DSC_5420.jpg
Group pictures! The one in the middle was everyone’s favorite

 photo DSC_5422.jpg  photo DSC_5425.jpg  photo IMG_1239.jpg
Making new friends on the trail!

 photo DSC_5424.jpg  photo DSC_5468.jpg  photo DSC_5480.jpg
And some nice views… that’s Daniel in the second picture, looking like he’s King of the Mountain!

 photo DSC_5440.jpg  photo DSC_5462.jpg  photo DSC_5512.jpg
Chains, stairs, and challenges

 photo DSC_5511.jpg  photo DSC_5532.jpg
Some flowers here and there on the trail

 photo IMG_1236.jpg
Panorama on the trail

 photo DSC_5537.jpg  photo DSC_5545.jpg
A few people had to leave early, so I went with them to drive

 photo DSC_5551.jpg  photo DSC_5552.jpg
My legs were SERIOUSLY happy when we finally hit the shrine on the other end of the mountain… it was a long 5 hour hike!!

 photo DSC_5559.jpg
But we weren’t done… there were still stairs!

 photo DSC_5562.jpg  photo DSC_5569.jpg
Some cherries were still blooming, so I got some nice pictures

 photo DSC_5572.jpg  photo DSC_5582.jpg
Yay flowers!

 photo DSC_5588.jpg  photo DSC_5596.jpg  photo DSC_5600.jpg  photo IMG_1247.jpg
More flowers around our onsen

 photo IMG_1244.jpg
Some cherry blossom ice cream while I waited for everyone to finish

After we’d washed off in the onsen, Daniel drove back with me to drop off my car, while everyone else rode the train into Takasaki to get some dinner. Daniel and I joined them, and enjoyed a great night before everyone headed back home by train!

It was a great hike, but I was SO SORE for the next few days! Definitely got quite the workout!

New School Year at Higashi JHS


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 photo DSC_5360.jpg

A few days after we got back from Europe, it was back to work for me! The new school year in Japan starts in April, so on the 7th, I attended the opening ceremony for the new school year, as well as the entrance ceremony for all the new students starting middle school this year. It is a pretty formal occasion, and a huge deal for the students. The weather was very nice, if a bit windy, so the gym also wasn’t super cold like usual. All in all a good, if long, day!

 photo DSC_5330.jpg  photo DSC_5331.jpg  photo DSC_5333.jpg
We started the morning with the opening ceremony and new school semester ceremonies

 photo DSC_5334.jpg  photo DSC_5335.jpg  photo DSC_5336.jpg  photo DSC_5339.jpg
All the new teachers introduce themselves, and the students also find out their homeroom teachers for the year

 photo DSC_5348.jpg  photo DSC_5355.jpg  photo DSC_5358.jpg  photo DSC_5359.jpg  photo DSC_5368.jpg  photo DSC_5372.jpg
After lunch, waiting for the second ceremony to start, I took some pictures of the trees in bloom around school

 photo DSC_5363.jpg
Congratulations messages from students and teachers

 photo DSC_5375.jpg  photo DSC_5376.jpg
The gym and school

 photo DSC_5381.jpg
The brand new students coming in at the ceremony

Ceremony days are always exhausting, then it takes classes awhile to start because of all the maintenance stuff the students have to do, such as testing and new books/materials/etc, so it was a pretty boring week for me.

Europe Trip: Istanbul



 photo DSC_5072.jpg

Our last city of the trip was Istanbul. We took the overnight train from Bucharest (frankly an awful experience I will never repeat!) and got into the city in the early morning. Our first hotel was great and actually had our room ready, so we showered and rested before heading out to sightsee!

Our first stop on Day 10 was the Sultanahmet area, where the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia are the most prominent buildings on the skyline. These two buildings are HUGE and beautiful! We visited the Blue Mosque first, then the Hagia Sofia before a lunch of meatballs, then went on to the Archaeological Museum in the Topkapi Castle grounds. At that point we were pretty tired, so we went back to the hotel for a nap, which turned out to be longer than we had planned! So we just had dinner and drinks at the hotel before relaxing and going back to bed.

Day 11 started off at the amazing Basilica Cistern, then to Topkapi Palace, where we saw the harem and walked around the beautiful and extensive grounds. I wish we’d have spent more time there exploring, but I wanted to see the Mosaic Museum since we’d missed it the day before. Unfortunately, it was closed, so we just saw a little of the Arasta Bazaar, then walked back through Sultanahmet before getting to our hotel in time to check out. We took a taxi to our last hotel, the Park Hyatt, checked in, then walked to the Taksim street in the afternoon and evening. We saw the Galata tower and some great sunset views of the city, before walking back after some shopping. It was a long day!

Our final full day was spent exploring the Galata Bridge, spice bazaar, and grand bazaar, where we bought a few (probably overpriced but oh well) souvenirs, and enjoyed the atmosphere! We tried one more time to get to the Mosaic Museum, but it closed early, so again we couldn’t… but we did spend more time at the Arasta Bazaar at a great store that sold bath goods. We were pretty tired from walking around all day, so we went back to the hotel and just ate in the area, and did some shopping at the City’s Mall nearby.

And our last day we spent just walking around and relaxing in the morning, before checking out at 2 and heading to the airport. We flew back to Japan again in business class, this time Turkish Airlines, which was pretty fantastic! And then went home exhausted to sleep for a long, long time!

 photo DSC_4541.jpg
Our first hotel, the Doubletree near Sultanahmet

 photo DSC_4546.jpg  photo DSC_4548.jpg
Cats and tulips!

 photo DSC_4549.jpg  photo DSC_4550.jpg  photo DSC_4551.jpg
Got a quick kebab snack and attracted the attention of an interested kitty

 photo DSC_4552.jpg  photo DSC_4563.jpg  photo DSC_4564.jpg
Then hit the square between the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sofia

 photo DSC_4571.jpg  photo DSC_4577.jpg  photo DSC_4584.jpg  photo DSC_4592.jpg  photo DSC_4603.jpg
Inside the Blue Mosque which was pretty overwhelming it was so big

 photo DSC_4619.jpg  photo DSC_4620.jpg  photo DSC_4629.jpg  photo IMG_1112.jpg
The back outside

 photo DSC_4634.jpg  photo DSC_4639.jpg  photo DSC_4646.jpg  photo DSC_4650.jpg  photo DSC_4687.jpg  photo DSC_4727.jpg
To the also very huge Hagia Sofia

 photo DSC_4730.jpg
To Tokyo!

 photo DSC_4733.jpg  photo IMG_1120.jpg  photo IMG_1121.jpg
Then some meatballs for lunch

 photo IMG_1122.jpg  photo IMG_1123.jpg
And then baklava and Turkish tea for dessert at the cafe in the Archaeological Museum!

 photo DSC_4736.jpg
On our way to the museum

 photo DSC_4755.jpg
Some of it is under construction, but I really liked the bottom floor of the museum, and the tile museum across the way… the upstairs though, they really need to redo.

 photo DSC_4761.jpg  photo DSC_4765.jpg  photo DSC_4768.jpg  photo DSC_4773.jpg  photo DSC_4778.jpg  photo DSC_4783.jpg  photo DSC_4784.jpg  photo DSC_4793.jpg
Archaeology Museum

 photo DSC_4800.jpg  photo DSC_4806.jpg  photo DSC_4807.jpg  photo DSC_4808.jpg
And the Iznik Tile Museum

 photo IMG_1124.jpg
Dinner at the hotel

 photo IMG_1125.jpg  photo IMG_1126.jpg  photo IMG_1127.jpg
And breakfast the next morning… seriously the honeycomb was SO GOOD! Especially with simit. I wanted to eat it every morning!

 photo DSC_4820.jpg  photo DSC_4822.jpg  photo DSC_4830.jpg  photo DSC_4862.jpg
Day 2 at the Basilica Cistern

 photo DSC_4846.jpg  photo DSC_4850.jpg
Loved the Medusa heads!

 photo DSC_4866.jpg
And back to Topkapi Palace

 photo DSC_4870.jpg  photo DSC_4881.jpg  photo DSC_4882.jpg  photo DSC_4885.jpg  photo DSC_4900.jpg  photo DSC_4916.jpg  photo DSC_4925.jpg  photo DSC_4938.jpg  photo DSC_4947.jpg
Strait to the Harem with all its amazing colored tiles

 photo DSC_4932.jpg  photo DSC_4936.jpg  photo DSC_4939.jpg  photo DSC_4944.jpg  photo DSC_4967.jpg  photo DSC_4978.jpg
It was really beautiful inside and out!

 photo DSC_4987.jpg  photo DSC_4991.jpg  photo DSC_5006.jpg  photo DSC_5013.jpg  photo DSC_5023.jpg  photo DSC_5028.jpg
But the rest of the palace was nothing to sneeze over either!

 photo IMG_1137.jpg  photo IMG_1139.jpg  photo IMG_1141.jpg  photo IMG_1142.jpg
Us at the palace

 photo DSC_5033.jpg  photo DSC_5035.jpg  photo DSC_5036.jpg
Arasta Bazaar for our failed try at the Mosaic Museum and some spices there

 photo IMG_1146.jpg  photo IMG_1147.jpg  photo IMG_1148.jpg
Our Park Hyatt room and private Turkish bath area!

 photo DSC_5042.jpg
Walking to Taksim, we came upon a park of cats, all of which loved Kenji

 photo DSC_5047.jpg  photo DSC_5049.jpg  photo DSC_5053.jpg  photo DSC_5055.jpg
Taksim square and street

 photo DSC_5057.jpg  photo DSC_5070.jpg  photo DSC_5077.jpg
And Galata Tower and views at sunset!

 photo IMG_1151.jpg  photo IMG_1152.jpg  photo IMG_1153.jpg
Dinner at a sushi restaurant… the “Istanbul Roll” was good!

 photo DSC_5080.jpg
We finally had the wine we bought in Budapest

 photo IMG_1168.jpg  photo IMG_1169.jpg  photo IMG_1170.jpg
Breakfast the next morning… more honeycomb!

 photo DSC_5083.jpg  photo DSC_5085.jpg  photo DSC_5087.jpg  photo DSC_5093.jpg  photo DSC_5097.jpg
Parks, flowers, and flags on our way to Galata

 photo DSC_5092.jpg
He tried to overcharge us, but we held firm!

 photo IMG_1172.jpg
Getting some pomegranate juice at Galata Bridge

 photo DSC_5103.jpg  photo DSC_5110.jpg  photo DSC_5111.jpg  photo DSC_5116.jpg  photo DSC_5128.jpg
Galata Bridge and New Mosque

 photo DSC_5135.jpg  photo DSC_5147.jpg  photo DSC_5153.jpg
At the spice bazaar

 photo DSC_5154.jpg
Quick lunch before the Grand Bazaar

 photo DSC_5158.jpg  photo DSC_5161.jpg  photo DSC_5162.jpg
Grand Bazaar and lanterns

 photo DSC_5168.jpg  photo DSC_5169.jpg  photo DSC_5172.jpg  photo DSC_5177.jpg
Back around the Hippodrome, trying for the Mosaic Museum one more time… didn’t work out, but I couldn’t resist the cats, and Kenji couldn’t resist more ice cream!

 photo IMG_1183.jpg
And we even had Mexican food that night!

 photo IMG_1184.jpg  photo IMG_1185.jpg
Turkish Airlines lounge at the airport… so much good food to choose from!

 photo IMG_1187.jpg  photo IMG_1188.jpg  photo IMG_1189.jpg  photo IMG_1193.jpg  photo IMG_1195.jpg
And the fantastic Turkish airlines business class!

Istanbul was so much fun… we missed a lot, but just like other places on this trip, it gives us a good reason to go back for more!

Europe Trip: Bulgaria



On Day 8 we took a private car tour to Bulgaria that we had found through the tourist office we had stopped at our first day. We were originally going to spend the night in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, but with the hotel mix-up we decided to skip that and do a day trip instead. I think it really worked out well, because not only could we see Veliko Tarnovo in the tour, but also were taken to a rural mountain monastery, as well as a nearby town too. So we got to see more, and by car with a guide, who was great!

 photo DSC_4401.jpg  photo DSC_4402.jpg
At the mountain monastery after crossing over into Bulgaria by car in the morning

 photo DSC_4411.jpg  photo DSC_4412.jpg
Pretty purple flowers were everywhere

 photo DSC_4413.jpg  photo DSC_4423.jpg
Nice views from the caves

 photo DSC_4416.jpg
Pictures weren’t allowed in the church in the rocks, but there were some wonderful old murals inside

 photo DSC_4429.jpg  photo DSC_4431.jpg
And we enjoyed just getting out of the big city and walking the paths around

 photo DSC_4437.jpg
There were lots of bracelets tied to trees all over Bulgaria… apparently it is a folk tradition that girls wear the handmade bracelet for a month before spring, then tie it to a branch for good luck! So neat!

 photo DSC_4441.jpg  photo DSC_4446.jpg  photo DSC_4443.jpg  photo DSC_4450.jpg
Then it was on to Veliko Tarnovo to grab lunch

 photo DSC_4445.jpg
Our guide Andrei

 photo IMG_1090.jpg  photo IMG_1091.jpg  photo IMG_1093.jpg
Lunch was really yummy!

 photo DSC_4454.jpg  photo DSC_4471.jpg  photo DSC_4473.jpg
Then we walked to Tsarvartes Fortress

 photo DSC_4470.jpg  photo DSC_4478.jpg
It is a really old fortress that used to protect the town and area

 photo DSC_4482.jpg  photo DSC_4485.jpg
And of course it commands some great views of the countryside!

 photo DSC_4488.jpg
Inside the redone church was creepy though…

 photo DSC_4505.jpg
We were glad Andrei took some pictures for us!

 photo DSC_4510.jpg  photo DSC_4511.jpg
Finally we went up to a small town just a few minutes away from the fortress, which is popular with tourists in summer

 photo DSC_4520.jpg  photo DSC_4533.jpg
It really reminded me of Japan’s Taketomi island with its walls and sand roads

 photo DSC_4515.jpg  photo DSC_4528.jpg
More bracelets and flowers

 photo DSC_4523.jpg
The rain was rolling in, so we wrapped up and headed back to Bucharest!

I wish we’d had more time in Bulgaria, it seems like a really great place! Maybe we can see Sofia next time!

Europe Trip: Bucharest



 photo DSC_4259.jpg

Day 6 continued: We arrived in Bucharest, Romania after a long train ride around 2 in the afternoon, and after dropping our bags off at the hotel, went and had a yummy pizza lunch. However, when we got back to the hotel, they told us there was a mistake with our reservation, and we had reserved two nights starting from the NEXT day… uh oh! We talked and considered, and decided to get a hotel in Bucharest that night, then stick with our original two day reservation and instead of spending a night in Bulgaria, take a day trip there instead with a tour. Although it was a mistake, I think in the end things worked out for the best.

So after we checked in to our first room, we just walked around the area a little, had dinner at a pub near the hotel, then went to bed.

Day 7 was our first full day in Bucharest. In the end, though, we spent it rather leisurely, walking around the hotel area a little bit, as well as the Old Town area before having dinner there. We didn’t see much, but many flowers were blooming at all the parks around the city, so we got distracted by enjoying the warmer weather (finally!) outside in the parks instead of sightseeing inside any museums or churches.

 photo DSC_4216.jpg
Changing into Romanian money from a bank near the hotel

 photo DSC_4218.jpg
Romanian Athenaeum near the hotel, now the home of their philharmonic orchestra, so we couldn’t see inside without tickets

 photo DSC_4221.jpg  photo DSC_4250.jpg
It was such a beautiful day, we really just wanted to walk around and enjoy it!

 photo IMG_1073.jpg
And of course, pizza was good!

 photo IMG_1075.jpg  photo IMG_1076.jpg  photo IMG_1077.jpg  photo IMG_1078.jpg  photo IMG_1079.jpg
The food at the bar was super good, even if it was really smokey inside!

 photo DSC_4261.jpg
In the morning, just walking around the area… there were a huge amount of cars!

 photo DSC_4266.jpg  photo DSC_4267.jpg
Lots of interesting buildings and monuments to look at

 photo DSC_4275.jpg  photo DSC_4280.jpg  photo DSC_4285.jpg
As well as many orthodox style churches

 photo DSC_4287.jpg  photo DSC_4294.jpg
And parks and flowers, of course!

 photo DSC_4299.jpg
Smoothies and sandwiches for lunch

 photo DSC_4309.jpg
And more buildings

 photo DSC_4320.jpg  photo DSC_4346.jpg
… and more parks!

 photo DSC_4349.jpg
The second-largest parliament building in the world, eclipsed only by the Pentagon.

 photo DSC_4355.jpg  photo DSC_4391.jpg  photo DSC_4394.jpg
Old town area

 photo DSC_4357.jpg  photo DSC_4359.jpg  photo DSC_4364.jpg  photo IMG_1086.jpg
Dinner at Caru cu Bere… we had veggies too, not just meat and beer. I just didn’t get a picture before we gobbled it all up!

 photo DSC_4369.jpg  photo DSC_4379.jpg  photo DSC_4381.jpg
Stavropoleous church

Day 8 was spent in Bulgaria, which gets its own separate post, and Day 9 was spent getting some sleep, checking out of the hotel, and on the train to Istanbul. So nothing really interesting, just a few train pictures:

 photo IMG_1101.jpg  photo IMG_1102.jpg  photo IMG_1103.jpg
Overnight train Bucharest to Istanbul

Europe Trip: Budapest



 photo DSC_4033.jpg

Day 3 continued: We arrived in Budapest in the early evening, and after checking into the hotel, didn’t feel like going far or fancy for dinner, so we just ate at restaurant we found randomly walking along the river. Kenji had goulash, which he really loved a lot. Unfortunately, his cold was getting worse, probably due to the rainy cold weather that had blown in, so we didn’t stay out or do much.

Day 4: In the morning, Kenji was still not feeling well, so I went out to get some breakfast for him, and also just walked around for about an hour until he was feeling good enough to get up. Once he’d gotten ready, we took the tram down the river to the Great Market Hall, where we shopped for souvenirs and got some lunch. After that, we walked up Gellert Hill to see the monument and citadella at the top, and for some fantastic, if misty, views of Budapest. Finally, we walked back the other side of the river and back around to the hotel for a break before dinner.

This was our first “so-so” day, I’d say mostly because Kenji wasn’t feeling well, and the weather wasn’t great. But the views of from our hotel were really beautiful, especially that evening as the clouds finally started to clear and we got a nice sunset!

 photo IMG_1005.jpg
Kenji’s goulash

 photo DSC_3933.jpg  photo DSC_3973.jpg  photo DSC_3975.jpg  photo DSC_3976.jpg  photo DSC_3978.jpg  photo DSC_3980.jpg
Central Market Hall

 photo DSC_3984.jpg
Gellert Baths at the foot of the hill

 photo DSC_3987.jpg  photo DSC_3991.jpg
Gellert Monument, at the start of the walk up the hill

 photo DSC_3996.jpg
Lots of stairs

 photo DSC_4001.jpg  photo DSC_4008.jpg
But great views when we got up there!

 photo IMG_1012.jpg
Had some hot wine to warm up

 photo DSC_4010.jpg  photo DSC_4015.jpg
On the way down

 photo DSC_4022.jpg  photo IMG_1015.jpg
Greek for dinner! I had really been craving it!

Day 5: This day wasn’t a full day in Budapest… we could sightsee into the early evening, but then we had to get to the train station to catch the overnight train to Bucharest, Romania by around 7pm. We spent the morning walking over and around Buda Castle, and also visited the Fisherman’s Bastion and the awesome Matthias Church. After a break at the hotel and a so-so lunch, we walked to St. Michael’s Cathedral, got some amazing rose-shaped ice cream, then also looked at the Parliament building, before heading back along the river to the hotel to grab our bags and head to the train station.

Not only was this day so much nicer in terms of weather (though still cold), I really loved the beautiful Matthias Church a lot! The inside was painted really wonderfully, but it was hard to capture with our cameras all the colors and details! I also liked the rose-shaped gelato we had at the Cathedral… if they brought it to Japan, it’d be an instant hit!

 photo DSC_4042.jpg  photo DSC_4045.jpg  photo DSC_4047.jpg
Heading across the Chain Bridge to Buda Castle

 photo DSC_4059.jpg
Views of the Parliament building from the bridge

 photo DSC_4073.jpg  photo DSC_4074.jpg
Buda Castle… we didn’t go in to see any of the museums, but the outside was nice!

 photo DSC_4096.jpg
Guards guarding… something

 photo DSC_4101.jpg
Smoothie snack on the way to the church

 photo DSC_4103.jpg
Walking along the streets of Buda

 photo DSC_4108.jpg  photo DSC_4111.jpg
Matthias church with its amazing roof

 photo DSC_4123.jpg  photo DSC_4138.jpg  photo DSC_4154.jpg  photo DSC_4177.jpg  photo IMG_1035.jpg
And beautifully painted insides!

 photo IMG_1040.jpg  photo IMG_1042.jpg  photo IMG_1045.jpg
Fisherman’s Bastion

 photo DSC_4178.jpg  photo DSC_4179.jpg
So-so lunch at a random cafe, but we did get to try the (very strong!) Hungarian palinka alcohol drink! I can’t remember which flavor we got though…

 photo DSC_4188.jpg

 photo IMG_1049.jpg
Awesome rose-shaped gelato, you could choose 2-3 flavors. I got salt-biscuit and pistachio, mmmmmmm

 photo DSC_4190.jpg
Parliament building up close

 photo DSC_4195.jpg  photo DSC_4196.jpg  photo DSC_4198.jpg
Along the river back to the hotel

 photo DSC_4207.jpg
Intercontinental Budapest

 photo DSC_4211.jpg
Hungarian forint! Our first non-Euro currency

 photo DSC_4214.jpg  photo IMG_1061.jpg  photo DSC_4215.jpg
Train to Bucharest

 photo IMG_1062.jpg  photo IMG_1063.jpg
Our sleeping cabin

Our night on the train wasn’t bad… the food in the dining car wasn’t great, but we had some snacks and water provided, so it wasn’t horrible either. We didn’t get the greatest sleep during the night, and were woken up by passport control as well, but the next morning was pleasant.

Day 6: My original plan was to get off the train before Bucharest, in the Transylvania region of Romania at a town called Sinaia, to see some castles. However we decided to just rest up during the morning and head strait to Bucharest. The train was a bit late, so we didn’t get to the hotel until around 2pm. That story will be continued in the Bucharest post next!

Europe Trip: Bratislava



 photo DSC_3845.jpg

Day 3: We checked out of our hotel the morning of our third full day, and headed to the train station to buy our tickets onward. We decided to spend a few hours in nearby Bratislava, Slovakia, before continuing to Budapest. It turned out to be a good decision despite the somewhat rainy weather, as we both really liked the city!

Because it was a Sunday, many buildings and churches were closed, so we really just walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere. Bratislava is a really colorful city, which buildings painted all different pastel colors. There was even a very blue church, called St. Elizabeth’s which was fun!

 photo DSC_3823.jpg  photo DSC_3824.jpg
At the train station

 photo DSC_3828.jpg  photo DSC_3829.jpg  photo DSC_3832.jpg  photo DSC_3838.jpg
Walking around the city center

 photo IMG_0975.jpg  photo IMG_0977.jpg  photo IMG_0978.jpg
Lunch was really great at a cute restaurant called Prasna Basta. The beet soup was really good!

 photo DSC_3830.jpg  photo DSC_3841.jpg  photo IMG_0996.jpg
More city center

 photo DSC_3854.jpg  photo DSC_3859.jpg
I think this was called St. Michael’s Gate

 photo DSC_3867.jpg  photo DSC_3873.jpg  photo DSC_3880.jpg  photo DSC_3882.jpg  photo DSC_3888.jpg
The Blue Church

 photo DSC_3884.jpg
Flowers in the rain

 photo IMG_0988.jpg
At the river

 photo DSC_3892.jpg
Looking up at the castle Hrad

 photo DSC_3896.jpg  photo IMG_0989.jpg
Quite the walk to get up there…

 photo DSC_3904.jpg  photo DSC_3905.jpg  photo DSC_3906.jpg  photo DSC_3910.jpg
Nice views from the top, though!

 photo IMG_0993.jpg  photo IMG_0994.jpg
We stopped for cupcakes and coffee on the way down

 photo DSC_3918.jpg  photo DSC_3919.jpg  photo DSC_3922.jpg  photo IMG_0981.jpg  photo IMG_0982.jpg
There were lots of interesting statues and details we really liked in the city

 photo DSC_3926.jpg
Walking back to the train station to head on to Budapest

Europe Trip: Vienna



 photo DSC_3646.jpg

Finally, finally, FINALLY getting to update this blog after a very whirlwind few months! This is Post #1 of my Europe trip, and we’re starting in the lovely Vienna!

Day 0: Kenji and I started our trip flying business class on Scandinavian Airlines to Copenhagen, then a codeshare of Austrian Airlines to Vienna. We arrived pretty late on the first day, so went strait to the hotel, the Hilton Vienna Danube, and then to sleep.

 photo IMG_0894.jpg
Waiting for our flight with some drinks and snacks in the ANA lounge at Narita airport… we ended up visiting our usual United lounge too!

 photo IMG_0897.jpg  photo IMG_0899.jpg
Settling into our seats in SAS business class! Turkish Airlines was better, but still trumps economy any day!

 photo IMG_0898.jpg  photo IMG_0901.jpg  photo IMG_0902.jpg
Menu and some food!

 photo IMG_0907.jpg
At the SAS lounge in Copenhagen in between flights

 photo IMG_0908.jpg
We actually got another yummy meal on the quick flight to Vienna, too! Wheeee!

 photo DSC_3507.jpg  photo DSC_3508.jpg
Arriving at the airport and catching the train into the city

 photo DSC_3509.jpg
Our first hotel room

Day 1: We woke pretty early in the morning, really before anything was open, so we went upstairs to the business lounge for some breakfast since our room gave us access. We planned a little of our day, went to the concierge for some reservations, then headed out.

Our first day’s plan was to see the Morning Exercises of the Spanish Riding School for about an hour, then walking down Graben avenue to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, followed by a bit more walking to Karlskirche, and plans for dinner at the famous Figlmuller that evening. We mostly followed the plan, but took it a bit easy on the sightseeing as we were still tired, and Kenji still had a bit of a cold.

Of the day, I really loved watching the horses at the Spanish Riding school, but Kenji quickly got pretty bored, like I figured he would. It isn’t terribly interesting if you don’t know what they’re doing, but I could have watched all day!

My most favorite place, though, was definitely Karlskirche. Right now it is undergoing renovations on the inside which allow you to take an elevator, then some stairs, all the way to the top of the dome, allowing you the unique chance to see all the paintings and details up close! It was a really special experience.

 photo DSC_3510.jpg
Lounge in the morning

 photo DSC_3511.jpg
On the train

 photo DSC_3513.jpg  photo DSC_3517.jpg  photo DSC_3519.jpg
On our way to the Riding School

 photo DSC_3523.jpg
Spanish Riding School… unfortunately, you can’t take pictures inside

 photo DSC_3524.jpg
Behind the school

 photo IMG_0914.jpg
Grabbing a quick drink

 photo DSC_3537.jpg  photo DSC_3538.jpg  photo DSC_3541.jpg  photo IMG_0918.jpg  photo IMG_0920.jpg
Then lunch and dessert at Cafe Central

 photo DSC_3542.jpg  photo DSC_3546.jpg  photo DSC_3550.jpg  photo DSC_3553.jpg
Before heading down Graben

 photo DSC_3561.jpg  photo DSC_3562.jpg  photo DSC_3564.jpg
To St. Stephen’s Cathedral, with its interesting tiled roof

 photo DSC_3570.jpg
Inside was a little dreary

 photo DSC_3588.jpg  photo DSC_3608.jpg
But up on one of the towers was a great view!

 photo IMG_0934.jpg
The to Karlskirche, after grabbing some cough drops for Kenji

 photo DSC_3624.jpg

 photo DSC_3632.jpg  photo DSC_3633.jpg  photo DSC_3643.jpg  photo DSC_3650.jpg  photo DSC_3660.jpg  photo DSC_3664.jpg
And only a small fraction of the tons of pictures I took of the inside

 photo DSC_3670.jpg
I loved how at the bottom of the church, all the details and marble was real, but as you went up, it became painted, including all the marble!

 photo DSC_3683.jpg
Thankfully we reserved at Figlmuller, they were busy as usual!

 photo DSC_3685.jpg  photo DSC_3687.jpg
The famous GIANT weinerschnitzel which I couldn’t finish!

 photo DSC_3688.jpg

Day 2: We started off our second day almost more tired than the first, due to a nap we had taken the previous day which messed with our sleeping schedule. We still got off at a decent hour, heading back to the area we were in the previous day to see the Imperial Palace Apartments, Silver Collection, and Sisi Museum. From there, we went to the Kunsthistoriesches Museum Cafe for a snack, then explored the museum. Kenji was too tired by that point to see Schonbrunn Palace, so we went to a late lunch at Plachutta, before going back to the hotel to rest up. We had planned to go out later, but ended up staying in the hotel.

The best part of the day was hands down the Kunsthistoriesches Museum, which ended up being my favorite museum of not only this trip, but of all I’ve seen in Europe! Their special Faberge egg exhibit wasn’t the greatest, but the permanent exhibits, especially the sculpture collection and Egyptian collections, just blew me away. They were wonderfully curated and certainly set the bar high! Plus, my favorite European artist Diego Velasquez also had a lot of his portraits there as well.

 photo DSC_3689.jpg  photo DSC_3690.jpg
Morning at the hotel

 photo DSC_3692.jpg  photo DSC_3693.jpg
Waiting for our train

 photo DSC_3698.jpg  photo DSC_3701.jpg
Goofing off before hitting the Hofburg

 photo DSC_3702.jpg  photo DSC_3710.jpg  photo DSC_3711.jpg
Imperial Silver Collection, which was not only silverware, but table settings in general… loved these flower plates!

 photo DSC_3714.jpg  photo DSC_3715.jpg
Sisi museum and imperial apartments weren’t bad, but for the most part you couldn’t take any pictures

 photo DSC_3717.jpg  photo DSC_3722.jpg  photo DSC_3723.jpg  photo IMG_0958.jpg  photo IMG_0960.jpg
Kunhistoriesches Museum entrance and cafe… the kaiserchmarnn was good, but too big for me to finish!

 photo DSC_3724.jpg  photo DSC_3726.jpg  photo DSC_3729.jpg
European painters gallery

 photo DSC_3732.jpg  photo DSC_3734.jpg  photo DSC_3736.jpg
A whole room of Velasquez!!

 photo DSC_3742.jpg  photo DSC_3744.jpg  photo DSC_3748.jpg
Beautiful sculpture gallery

 photo DSC_3750.jpg
Loved this tile

 photo DSC_3752.jpg  photo DSC_3754.jpg  photo DSC_3755.jpg  photo DSC_3762.jpg  photo DSC_3763.jpg  photo DSC_3767.jpg  photo DSC_3768.jpg  photo DSC_3779.jpg  photo DSC_3784.jpg  photo DSC_3787.jpg  photo DSC_3788.jpg
And the fantastically painted Egyptian Gallery! WOW!

 photo DSC_3792.jpg  photo DSC_3793.jpg  photo DSC_3795.jpg  photo DSC_3798.jpg  photo DSC_3804.jpg  photo DSC_3805.jpg
Also liked the Gallery of Eastern European Religious Icons and Art

 photo DSC_3810.jpg
Outside the museum, but we’re actually facing the Natural History Museum

 photo DSC_3815.jpg  photo IMG_0967.jpg  photo IMG_0968.jpg  photo IMG_0969.jpg
Tafelspitz and beer at Plachutta

 photo DSC_3821.jpg  photo DSC_3822.jpg
And leaving Vienna the next morning for Bratislava

I really liked Vienna, but we just didn’t get to do and see as much as I’d hoped, due in part to tiredness from jetlag, but also because Kenji was getting over his cold, and got tired easily. But I guess that means it is just a good excuse to go back!



, , , , , , , ,

 photo DSC_3084.jpg

We were still a little stir-crazy, and since our Europe trip is in less than 2 weeks and we wanted to get some errands done, we headed to Tokyo on Sunday morning for the day.

First stop was Shinjuku to get our cameras cleaned at the Nikon Salon, and some watch batteries replaced at Yodobashi Camera. We also at lunch at a good Chinese place around Yodobashi while we waited for the cameras and watches to be finished.

Then it was across the city on the Chuo line to Ochanomizu, where we walked a few minutes to Yushima Tenjin shrine. This is our second time coming here for the plums. I really like it, and they had some nice blooms this year!

After that, we walked a few more minutes to Ueno Park to see if any of the sakura were blooming early, and to check out the newly renovated Toshogu Shrine, which has been under construction for just about the entire time I’ve lived in Japan. The contrast of gold to dark black wood is very nice, and it is a beautifully done job.

Dinner was at TGIFridays in Ueno, our last food splurge before Europe at the end of March.

It was a fun day!

 photo DSC_3062.jpg
The usual view from the Nikon Building

 photo IMG_0877.jpg  photo IMG_0878.jpg  photo IMG_0879.jpg
Homemade Chinese noodles and dumplings for lunch! Yum yum!

 photo DSC_3064.jpg  photo DSC_3068.jpg
From Ochanomizu, following the pink signs

 photo DSC_3070.jpg
Yushima Tenjin

 photo DSC_3072.jpg  photo DSC_3073.jpg  photo DSC_3183.jpg
The plum motif is found everywhere in this shrine

 photo DSC_3071.jpg  photo DSC_3075.jpg
Last day of the plum festival, so there were many food stalls and people enjoying them

 photo DSC_3079.jpg  photo DSC_3080.jpg
 photo DSC_3121.jpg  photo DSC_3097.jpg
 photo DSC_3123.jpg
And of course, some beautiful plums

 photo DSC_3100.jpg

 photo DSC_3101.jpg  photo DSC_3143.jpg  photo DSC_3128.jpg
Roof of the main shrine with white and pink blossoms

 photo DSC_3110.jpg  photo DSC_3177.jpg
Bridge and a tea ceremony

 photo DSC_3096.jpg
 photo DSC_3132.jpg
Two pictures I especially liked

 photo DSC_3223.jpg
Kenji and plums

 photo DSC_3225.jpg  photo DSC_3238.jpg
Next up was Ueno park, where there was a “fall” feeling despite it being March. Must be those grasses

 photo DSC_3230.jpg  photo DSC_3231.jpg  photo DSC_3242.jpg
It’s a fun place for birds

 photo DSC_3234.jpg
And people, too!

 photo DSC_3236.jpg
I call this one “the peanut gallery”

 photo DSC_3251.jpg  photo DSC_3252.jpg  photo DSC_3254.jpg  photo IMG_0884.jpg
We shared a spiraled fried potato on a stick and a beer for a snack, before spotting some sakura blooms

 photo DSC_3255.jpg
Nicest picture of the day!

 photo DSC_3266.jpg
1 in 2 Kitties agree

 photo DSC_3269.jpg  photo DSC_3270.jpg
Toshogu Shrine

 photo DSC_3271.jpg
Atomic Bomb Memorial with colorful strings of 1000 origami cranes

 photo DSC_3273.jpg
Lanterns and oranges

 photo DSC_3274.jpg  photo DSC_3276.jpg  photo DSC_3277.jpg

 photo DSC_3281.jpg
Still looking like fall, here, Japan… what gives?

 photo DSC_3285.jpg
Roof angles

 photo DSC_3288.jpg
I always like reading the ema at the shrines. This one is asking for Asada Mao (Japan’s sweetheart figure skater) to win a gold medal at Sochi, which unfortunately didn’t happen.

 photo DSC_3292.jpg
The last day for a Monet exhibit! I wanted to go, but Kenji was hungry, so we continued on to TGIF instead.

 photo DSC_3294.jpg
Where we got the largest hamburger known to man. We should have shared one, geez!

Stuffed full, we took the train back a little early. It was good to get out of the house!