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About two years ago I meant to post a link to my new blog, and it never happened.


Sorry about that! I don’t think anyone follows or looks at this old blog anymore, but just in case, here is my new blog:

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Summer Stuff


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 photo IMG_1431.jpg

Just a few extra pictures to get all caught up! The beautiful sunset from above is from a few weeks ago in the Yamana area, Takasaki. I love how it reflects in the rice field!

 photo IMG_1436.jpg  photo IMG_1435.jpg

 photo IMG_1372.jpg
A last class with my English Garden girls… bye!

 photo IMG_1351.jpg
A random meal I really enjoyed

Recently I convinced Kenji to take a break to go on the motorcycle and cool off in the mountains. I didn’t take many pictures, but here’s a few:

 photo DSC_6413.jpg

 photo DSC_6415.jpg  photo DSC_6416.jpg

So I’m all caught up now! I have a big announcement coming up though, so stay tuned!

Fujioka Matsuri


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 photo DSC_6389.jpg

This year’s festival was a rainy one… some years it is perfect weather, others we get rained out. On the first day (which I don’t have any pictures of, I’ll have to get them from Kenji), it rained and threatened, but by the time we actually got started with the portable shrines (mikoshi), it cleared up and it was a fun night.

Day two, however, started out sunny, so we went (me dressed in yukata), but then the heavens opened and it just POURED. Oh well, next year!

 photo DSC_6363.jpg
One of my favorite snacks, yakimanju

 photo DSC_6370.jpg
Look at those skies!

 photo DSC_6373.jpg
Dashi coming down the road

 photo DSC_6395.jpg
This is my new neighborhood’s dashi… our friend Misuzu was also on it!

 photo DSC_6398.jpg
Whoa, even darker now!

 photo DSC_6402.jpg
Some masks on the back of the float

 photo DSC_6405.jpg
Bring out the umbrellas!

 photo DSC_6377.jpg  photo DSC_6380.jpg
These were also cool, sand brought in from Fujioka’s Japanese sister city! The second picture is the new world heritage site here in Fujioka, Takayama-sha

Last Days at Higashi JHS


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 photo DSC_6284.jpg

I’ll admit it, I was REALLY looking forward to leaving by this last month. I was just ready to move on, and so done with the school. I’ll miss the kids and teachers I taught with, but I’m happy to be done after 6 years!

 photo DSC_6275.jpg

 photo DSC_6315.jpg
Pep Rally for the sports teams’ summer tournaments

 photo DSC_6338.jpg
Closing Ceremony of the first semester in the gym

 photo DSC_6342.jpg  photo DSC_6344.jpg
Speech and flowers from the kids ^^

Moving… again.


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 photo DSC_6269.jpg

So we moved again, right at the same time we got married. It was a huge undertaking (when did we get so much stuff?!) and there are still a few places that could use more organization (I don’t want to go near the downstairs closet until I can fortify myself…). But we’re all moved in! I don’t have any inside pictures yet, but here are pictures from our old house, then from the outside of our new one:

 photo DSC_1623.jpg  photo DSC_1626.jpg  photo DSC_1631.jpg  photo DSC_1635.jpg  photo DSC_1641.jpg  photo DSC_1638.jpg
Our old house: huge, hard to clean, wasn’t clean to start with in the first place, lots of problems… basically, we’re really glad to be out of it, despite its good points!

 photo DSC_6259.jpg  photo DSC_6260.jpg  photo DSC_6262.jpg  photo DSC_6261.jpg
Outside of new house… smaller, but more manageable, cleaner, and the ofuro (bath area) is awesome!

 photo DSC_6264.jpg
Our neighborhood is full of tiny, tiny roads…

 photo DSC_6267.jpg  photo DSC_6268.jpg
But lots of flowers, so its nice!

Tokyo Tsuyu


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 photo DSC_6185.jpg

I went to Tokyo too much recently, so hoping this was the last time in awhile, Kenji and I returned once again, this time to get a paper from the US Embassy saying I was able to marry here in Japan. Once we grabbed that, we went around Ueno a bit, spent the night on points at the Hyatt Regency in Shinjuku, and also visited the shrine in Kunitachi where we hope to have our marriage ceremony next year.

 photo DSC_6164.jpg  photo DSC_6171.jpg
Around Ueno

 photo DSC_6175.jpg  photo DSC_6186.jpg
Lotus are also blooming

 photo DSC_6257.jpg  photo DSC_6254.jpg
Kunitachi Yaho Shrine, where we hope to have the ceremony

 photo DSC_6227.jpg  photo DSC_6243.jpg  photo DSC_6214.jpg
The hydrangea festival is really nice

 photo IMG_1406.jpg
And it has lots of chickens!

 photo IMG_1394.jpg
Shinjuku Government Building, postacollect postcard, and clearing skies

 photo IMG_1391.jpg
Summer vegetable soup curry.. we looked for Mexican for lunch, but it was closed. It was a good substitute!

Random May


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I didn’t even realize I’ve hit my 300th post until I posted about the wedding in Wimberley, which was my 301st! I guess that makes this post number 302, and just in time… with me starting a new job soon and getting married, I’m looking into changing up my blogging style into something more public. Up until now I’ve avoided getting too much traffic because this was mostly for family. Now I’m interested in gaining a bigger audience. I haven’t decided if I’m going to start an entirely new blog, or just enhance the posts here yet, but I may start experimenting with different styles for the upcoming posts. We shall see!

 photo DSC_6018.jpg  photo DSC_6019.jpg
So my latest collection obsession are these postcards called gotouchi from the post office. There is one every year from 2009 (so 6 as of April) for every one of the 47 prefectures. You can also collect mini versions, and they came out with these awesome books recently too. It’s gotten a bit out of hand to be honest, but I enjoy it!

 photo DSC_6052.jpg  photo DSC_6056.jpg
So because of the postcards, I wanted to visit a temple in Saitama with an ornate building that was featured on one of the postcards.

 photo DSC_6053.jpg  photo DSC_6054.jpg
Guards at the entrance

 photo DSC_6058.jpg  photo DSC_6062.jpg
Of course, with my luck, we got there too late to tour, and so I had to content myself with vague pictures taken from extreme angles and around corners.

 photo DSC_6060.jpg
At least the small waterfall and trails around back were nice…

And then my computer’s logic board broke, which meant an impromptu (and expensive) trip to Tokyo, where I figured if I was gonna be in Shibuya anyway, I’ll take some more postcard pictures!

 photo DSC_6064.jpg  photo DSC_6065.jpg
But first, to Ameyoko for kebabs!

 photo DSC_6075.jpg  photo DSC_6069.jpg
Okay, Shibuya Scramble Crossing, here we go!

So… that’s all I have for recent stuff. We’ve been trying to save money and been very busy planning the school recently, so not much time for pictures!

Wimberley Wedding


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 photo KJM_7031-45.jpg

My Dad’s wedding was at the beginning of May, which was perfect timing as I was able to maximize my time off with the holidays during Golden Week, and have a decent 10 days to spend in the US.

After flying business class to Europe, economy was worse than normal, but overall it wasn’t a bad flight. I arrived in Austin and rented a car for the week, then spent most of the time going back and forth between Austin and Wimberley, helping with wedding stuff, going through my old things to get rid of what I could, and meeting friends. Kenji came in on the 7th, and the rest of the family on the 8th and 9th. We had the rehearsal dinner on the 9th in Dripping Springs, and the wedding was the 10th and was absolutely gorgeous! Finally, on the 11th we had a river party before I drove Kenji back to Austin and stayed at the airport, and flew home on the 12th. For the most part, I didn’t take any pictures, so all of these are Kenji’s!

 photo KJM_6864-10.jpg  photo KJM_6871-17.jpg  photo KJM_6880-23.jpg
Rain on Friday during wedding prep

 photo KJM_6894-30.jpg
My wedding dinner outfit

 photo KJM_6901-36.jpg
I brought daruma from Japan

 photo KJM_6969-2.jpg  photo KJM_6975-7.jpg  photo KJM_6995-20.jpg  photo KJM_6996-21.jpg  photo KJM_6997-22.jpg  photo KJM_7005-26.jpg  photo KJM_7011-32.jpg  photo KJM_7013-34.jpg  photo KJM_7074-69.jpg  photo KJM_7075-70.jpg  photo KJM_7079-74.jpg
Various pictures

 photo KJM_7016-36.jpg
This is my favorite of me of the week!

Tokyo Again


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 photo DSC_5905.jpg

The Golden Week holidays started off this year with a random Tuesday off of work and school, so I headed into Tokyo to meet up with Kenji’s cousin Shoko and have some fun.

I met her at Tokyo station, as I wanted to grab the new postacollect card from the Tokyo post office, then we headed to Asakusa from there for some shopping I promised Dad. We ate some monjyayaki while there, then walked to Kappa-Bashi, a street famous for kitchen stuff, including the amazing fake food displayed in many restaurants all over Japan. Although a bit expensive, if you ever wanted your own fake curry, spaghetti, or sushi, Kappa-Bashi is the place to get it! I got some keychains for gifts, and planned to go back soon!

 photo DSC_5906.jpg  photo DSC_5915.jpg  photo DSC_5907.jpg  photo 1610089_10152364055269593_2515592127822973955_n.jpg
Lunch in Asakusa

 photo DSC_5909.jpg  photo DSC_5910.jpg  photo DSC_5913.jpg
Although Okonomiyaki (usually made with egg) is more popular, I like monjayaki too! Although it doesn’t look very appetizing, it is very good!

 photo DSC_5916.jpg
You know you’ve found Kappa-Bashi when you find the golden Kappa statue!

 photo DSC_5917.jpg  photo 10169330_10152364153324593_5206276298428559054_n.jpg  photo 1509841_10152364153404593_6224733501617368733_n.jpg
You can find anything on this street, from weird coffee goods, sharp knives, to cookie cutters in the shape of every prefecture of Japan (!!), but my favorite is the fake food! (Well, I might have to go back for those cookie cutters!)

From there we thought to catch the Dolphin show at Shinagawa station’s aquarium, but by the time we got there and wanted to buy tickets, we’d already missed some of the show, and didn’t want to wait for another set. So that is a plan for another day, and we headed on to Hamamatsu-cho station to hit our lunch spot: Chicago-style deep dish pizza! YUUUUMMM

 photo DSC_5925.jpg  photo DSC_5926.jpg
I would have totally rode this cute otter once around though!

 photo 10169379_10152364335369593_1406906324934275839_n.jpg  photo 10155621_10152364335179593_2828762857306948107_n.jpg
AHHHH! Namahage in Shinagawa!

 photo DSC_5968.jpg
Hamamatsucho station

 photo DSC_5969.jpg
Pizza place!

 photo DSC_5970.jpg  photo DSC_5971.jpg  photo DSC_5973.jpg
Also, lots of craft beer from around Japan!

 photo IMG_1296.jpg  photo IMG_1297.jpg

Actually, right before lunch we also visited a small garden by Hamamatsu-cho called Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden. It is a small oasis of calm in the midst of Tokyo, and the fuji (wisteria), tsutsuji (azalea), and various other flowers.

 photo DSC_5919.jpg  photo DSC_5923.jpg  photo DSC_5924.jpg
Tsutsuji around Tokyo

 photo DSC_5929.jpg
Map at the station of the garden

 photo DSC_5930.jpg
Garden entrance

 photo DSC_5931.jpg  photo DSC_5938.jpg

 photo DSC_5941.jpg  photo DSC_5945.jpg

 photo DSC_5943.jpg  photo DSC_5961.jpg
And others

 photo DSC_5951.jpg
There’s also a nice big lake in the center

We were super full from lunch, but Shoko wanted to go to Odaiba to see Oktoberfest. Yes, Japan has an Oktoberfest in April. Any excuse to drink, apparently! So that was rowdy and fun. I got home pretty late after that, but enjoyed the trip a lot!

 photo DSC_5974.jpg  photo DSC_5976.jpg
Odaiba Oktoberfest

 photo DSC_5977.jpg  photo DSC_5978.jpg  photo DSC_5982.jpg
Lots of German beer, girls in costumes, and people

 photo DSC_5991.jpg
And also the band was really fun!

 photo DSC_5985.jpg  photo DSC_5983.jpg
I couldn’t eat these… too full from lunch!

 photo 1660459_10152364544179593_2284851132531820936_n.jpg  photo 10292508_10152364544279593_903281074788063804_n.jpg
Pics of us from Oktoberfest (from Shoko)

 photo DSC_5995.jpg  photo DSC_6000.jpg
Leaving Odaiba, back to work in the morning!

Spring Road Trip: Yamagata


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 photo DSC_6486.jpg

We spent the night in Yonezawa, famous for the “Yonezawa ABCs”, Apples, Beef, and Carp! We didn’t try any apples or carp, but we did eat the beef at a restaurant near the station… SO good! I could definitely taste the quality of it compared to regular supermarket beef. Nice!

After checking out of the Toyoko Inn that morning, we drove to the ruins of Yonezawa castle, which now hosts a shrine. There were many beautiful cherry blossoms here too, and also lots of festival booths. We spent a little time here before finally driving to the main point of the entire road trip: Yamadera.

A friend had posted some pictures of Yamadera with many hydrangea in bloom in June, and I’ve wanted to see it ever since. Yamadera literally means just “mountain temple”; its a temple complex situated increasingly higher on the mountain, and is quite a walk to get up to the top! I knew it wouldn’t be full of flowers, but the occasional cherry blossom tree or daffodil was quite nice, and I was happy to cross it off my travel list… for now at least. I bet it’d be awesome in fall!

 photo IMG_1280.jpg  photo IMG_1278.jpg
Yonezawa “ABCs” and our fantastic beef dinner!

 photo DSC_5885.jpg  photo DSC_5896.jpg  photo DSC_6282.jpg  photo DSC_6283.jpg  photo DSC_6287.jpg  photo DSC_6292.jpg  photo DSC_6294.jpg  photo DSC_6334.jpg
Uesugi Shrine in Yonezawa (Uesugi Kenshin was a famous samurai from the area)

 photo DSC_6297.jpg  photo DSC_6298.jpg
Getting my calligraphy done

 photo DSC_6305.jpg  photo DSC_6325.jpg  photo DSC_6326.jpg  photo DSC_6329.jpg  photo DSC_6331.jpg
We had fun taking all these pictures!

 photo IMG_1286.jpg
Cool building in Yamagata city, where I grabbed my postcards from an open post office

 photo DSC_6344.jpg  photo DSC_6547.jpg
Lots of blossoms at the parking lot!

 photo DSC_6370.jpg  photo DSC_6375.jpg
I really liked the area… the train tracks and river together were very picturesque!

 photo DSC_6379.jpg  photo DSC_6380.jpg  photo DSC_6382.jpg
Bottom temple at the start of the complex

 photo DSC_6383.jpg  photo DSC_6388.jpg
Getting my calligraphy from here

 photo DSC_6395.jpg  photo DSC_6396.jpg  photo DSC_6399.jpg
We had to eat “chikara dango”, balls of konnyaku said to give power to get all the way to the top!

 photo DSC_6408.jpg
This temple is famous as being written about by the famous haiku poet Basho

 photo DSC_6409.jpg  photo DSC_6411.jpg  photo DSC_6415.jpg
And Yamagata is famous for cherries and “La France”, western pears, so we tried some snacks for that too!

 photo DSC_6414.jpg
Temple map

 photo DSC_6419.jpg
Cherry cups in the lanterns on the way up

 photo DSC_6422.jpg
Up we go! It was crazy

 photo DSC_6433.jpg  photo DSC_6441.jpg  photo DSC_6442.jpg
But some nice views!

 photo DSC_6458.jpg
And a random post office box… does someone actually walk up here every day to check if there’s mail?! I don’t want that job!!

 photo DSC_6460.jpg  photo DSC_6462.jpg  photo DSC_6470.jpg  photo DSC_6471.jpg
Finally made it to the top!

 photo DSC_6467.jpg
Got my calligraphy up here too, but I skipped all the middle temples… too much calligraphy for me!

 photo DSC_6475.jpg  photo DSC_6480.jpg  photo DSC_6489.jpg  photo DSC_6514.jpg
Nice views as we continued to the viewing platform

 photo DSC_6499.jpg  photo DSC_6507.jpg  photo DSC_6508.jpg
Which indeed had some nice views!

 photo IMG_1291.jpg
We grabbed a quick picture of the three of us

 photo DSC_6532.jpg  photo DSC_6540.jpg
Then aaaaalll the way back down, where we contemplated how far we’d come

 photo DSC_6542.jpg  photo DSC_6544.jpg  photo IMG_1292.jpg
And got some more ice cream as a reward!

 photo DSC_6541.jpg
Yamagata’s also famous for shogi pieces, but these are huge!

 photo DSC_5898.jpg
Beer and cherry sake from the area… I forgot to get pictures of my postcards though!

After finishing at the temple and grabbing snacks, we headed back to Gunma. We hit traffic on the way, so it took a good 4-5 hours, but we finally got home and considered it a great trip. I wonder where I will go next?